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Makoons Play School in Maujpur Breaks Records: 100 Admissions in 14 Months

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New Delhi: Makoons Play School, a well-known name in early childhood education, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement as it celebrates the enrollment of 100 young students in just 14 months at its Maujpur branch in Delhi. This remarkable accomplishment demonstrates the school’s dedication in giving kids superior educational opportunities.

Makoons Play School has established itself as a model of excellence in a time when early childhood education plays an important role in determining the course of our child’s life. This institution has received praise and recognition for its outstanding accomplishments in the field of early education, thanks to its dedication to provide a holistic and enjoyable learning experience. What sets Makoons Play School apart is its easy approach to education. While academic excellence is a priority, the school understands that a child’s development encompasses more than just classroom learning.

The achievement of 100 admissions in just 14 months is a cause for celebration not only within the walls of Makoons but also with the local community. The school has developed into a gathering place for parents who value education and want to give their kids the greatest start in life. Commenting on the same belief, Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Makoons Group of Schools, says “We extend an invitation to the local community to participate in the celebration of this remarkable achievement. In the years to come, the school is excited to continue fulfilling its purpose of giving more kids an outstanding early childhood education.”

“We are excited to have reached the milestone of 100 admissions in such a short period of time.” added Sangeeta Bansal, Centre Owner of Makoons Play School, Maujpur, Delhi. “We appreciate the faith, parents and families have bestowed upon our team. We promise to fulfill our commitment to provide high-quality education and foster a joyful learning environment for our students.”

Makoons Play School in Maujpur is a bright example of what can be achieved when passion and purpose joins together in the quest of greatness in a world where high-quality education is the key to realising a child’s potential. It is more than just a school; it is a setting for the emergence of dreams and the beginning of the promise of a brighter tomorrow. The achievement is also attributed to its dedication to safety and hygiene. To safeguard the health of the children, employees and parents, safe measures have been implemented. Makoons Play School looks forward to continuing its mission to provide an exceptional early childhood education experience for years to come.

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