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Markivis Launches Mondayjoining.Com

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Markivis Pvt. Ltd today announced the launch of, a recruitment portal to facilitate people who have lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. The portal intends to connect people who are out of jobs or available to join within 14 days to connect with recruiters. The portal is free for candidates and recruiters, helping companies reduce their cost of hiring.
“Monday Joining is our way of giving it back to the community in these unprecedented times. We wanted to help people who lost their jobs and businesses by reducing their cost of hiring.” said Amit Khanduja, the CEO of Markivis Pvt. Ltd.
With, candidates do not need to spend endless hours on job hunting and filling out numerous applications for each job post. The platform allows recruiters to reach out to job seekers almost instantly by looking at their experience, skills and expertise updated within extensive candidate profiles. In addition, the platform reduces the effort of recruiters from creating lengthy job descriptions and going through the hassle of receiving hundreds of non-suitable resumes, and most importantly worrying whether a candidate will join after making them wait for 2-3 months.
“We used to see so many posts and media news every day about people losing their jobs but on the contrary we were also hearing a completely different story from HR Leaders, who we work with regularly in the Employer Branding space. Companies were unable to source the right candidates who were available to join quickly. That is when we thought of connecting these two sets of audiences using a portal for all those individuals who were seeking a job and the countless recruiters who were hiring,” he added.
What differentiates from other platforms is one it’s zero subscription fees and some of the unique features that have been built and are in pipeline for recruiters such as:
1) Track and report candidates who accept an offer and do not join
2) Getting an offer acceptance within the portal
3) Only allowing candidates who can join within 14 days to register
4) Adding background verified/ Reference Checked profiles to shorten candidate on-boarding
The portal intends to launch operations in Australia and the UK in the next few months. The website’s soft launch two weeks ago drew over 35,000 candidate profiles who are ready for immediate hiring, and 213 verified recruiters who are actively hiring. The platform aims at increasing its reach with the official launch.

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