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MayaaVerse Creations and NTPC School of Business Partner to Explore Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech Education

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Bengaluru: MayaaVerse Creations Private Limited (MCPL), a leading developer of World’s first photo-realistic Immersive Tech platforms, and NTPC School of Business (NSB), a premier business school under the NTPC Education and Research Society, today announced a strategic collaboration to explore the use of virtual reality (VR) technology and create an immersive virtual campus within MCPL’s Immersive Tech space.

This groundbreaking partnership aims to combine MCPL’s cutting-edge Immersive Tech development capabilities with NSB’s expertise in business education. By leveraging virtual reality, the collaboration seeks to provide students and faculty with an innovative and engaging learning environment within a fully realized virtual world.

“At NTPC School of Business, we are committed to embracing innovative technologies that enhance the learning experience for our students,” said Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran, Director of NTPC School of Business. “By partnering with MayaaVerse Creations, we aim to explore the boundless possibilities of virtual reality and the Immersive Tech in education, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning journey for our students while preparing them for the digital future.”

As the initiator of this long-standing partnership, MCPL is creating a virtual experience center for the NTPC School of Business. This center will provide students and visitors with an immersive journey through the institution’s rich history, vision, achievements, and faculty lectures, along with various videos. Attendees will navigate through the remarkable story of this significant institution, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of its contributions to the country.

MCPL and NSB will also work together to create a virtual replica of the NSB campus within MCPL’s Immersive Tech platform. This virtual replica will also allow students to attend classes, participate in discussions, and engage in various academic and extracurricular activities in a fully immersive and realistic digital environment.

By making education immersive, this collaboration is a joint step towards making education more comprehensive and extensive. With this enablement, we are adding a new chapter to modern education, where students don’t just learn but experience learning.

“We are thrilled to join forces with NTPC School of Business in pioneering the future of education in the metaverse,” said Ashish Minocha, Chief Business Officer at MayaaVerse Creations. “This collaboration represents a significant step towards revolutionizing the way knowledge is imparted and experienced, empowering students with immersive and interactive learning opportunities that transcend traditional boundaries.”

The collaboration between MCPL and NSB represents a significant milestone in the integration of virtual reality and Immersive Tech technologies into the education sector. As the Immersive Tech continues to evolve and gain mainstream adoption, this partnership positions both organizations at the forefront of this transformative shift, paving the way for new and innovative learning experiences.

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