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MBD Group launches “AASOKA”

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Education powered by technology is the way forward. Responding to this need of the hour, MBD Group has launched “AASOKA” – the Powering, Adaptive and Personalised Learning app — which enables students and teachers of CBSE, CISCE and various STATE BOARDS to sustain a seamless teaching learning process in spite of the school closures and recent social distancing advisory for schools issued by MHA. The app is driven by the latest research in pedagogy and innovations in teaching methodology.

Aasoka Learning app provides animated content for Grades K-12. Video lectures using multimedia-rich 2D and 3D content engage students’ attention and curiosity, encouraging and motivating them to study more. The Adaptive Assessments feature of the app customises assessments for each individual student based on their competency level derived from the result of the most recent test taken. The detailed Analytics of the app traces the learning process of students helping them understand their areas of strength and weakness so they can realign their preparation accordingly.

Launching the AASOKA app, Monica Malhotra Kandhari — Managing Director, MBD Group – said, “AASOKA app is a disruptor. It aims to enhance the overall school experience generating enthusiasm and a more positive learning environment for students, teachers and parents. We will be catering to both B2B and B2C segments. Aasoka app comes with features like live classroom, adaptive testing, digital multimedia content for Grades KG to XII, e-books, video lectures, etc., and at the heart of the app is its analytics tool that provides a detailed analysis of students’ performance and measures learning gaps thus providing a remedial solution to the students. Eventually, Aasoka app will provide personalised learning solutions tailor-made for each student.”

This cutting-edge app enables Live Classrooms so teaching learning can continue without students having to commute to school. Aasoka app will soon be able to record attendance in the live classroom. The app makes available a Huge Question Bank Repository to its users. Students can study at the pace and place of their own choice and convenience as the app allows offline access to content. The app also allows users to download e-books to read offline. Aasoka app’s School Connect feature is an excellent LMS and ERP package for schools. At an introductory price of ₹250 per student/month, Aasoka learning app is affordable and good value for money and aims to provide a blended learning environment that will help unleash the potential of students.

MBD Group’s AASOKA learning app has not only changed students’ perspective towards learning, but it has also altered teachers’ approach towards teaching by enabling them to prepare and deliver dynamic multi-media lessons that can kindle the spark of curiosity in students.

MBD Group has been among the pioneers in the digital learning segment in India. E’cademy, MBD Group’s digital learning venture, has been providing classroom-based training modules, smart e-content, teacher support kit and other support services for all K-12 subjects.

Sonica Malhotra, Joint Managing Director MBD Group, said, “Digital Education has caused a paradigm shift in the education ecosystem: it has successfully blended traditional learning methodology with e-content-powered modern approach to learning and enriched the classroom experience for both learners and teachers. Our solutions provide students the environment to put their textual knowledge and practical skills to test and enhance their learning. For teachers, we make available a set of tools which they can use to create an interactive audio-visual environment and render a superior learning experience to students. Apart from content for students, teachers, schools, parents, we also provide customised content for governments and corporate institutes. Our Augmented Reality app, Nytra, brings textbooks to life making images and illustrations come alive in books with the help of animation and voiceovers. Our various kindergarten rhymes apps in English and Hindi feature a perfect combination of traditional rhymes and modern techniques of learning to help young learners learn while having fun. From textbooks to e-books, assessment portals and online learning classes, at MBD Group we have a learning solution for every learner.”

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