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Mobile internet tech company AppyHigh grows users 10X; aims 1 billion users by 2026

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Aneesh Rayancha, Co-founder

Bengaluru: Mobile internet technology company AppyHigh, which builds global products around the ‘digital hierarchy of needs’ of smartphone users, has gone from 5 million to 50 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) across its ecosystem of apps during the pandemic. AppyHigh’s universe of apps has garnered over 400mn downloads till date. The company has touched an annualised recurring revenue (ARR) of $11mn (INR 80 crore). 

 The bootstrapped and profitable Indian startup saw its MAUs spiral, with users increasingly meeting their everyday needs through mobile-first platforms for productivity and utility, entertainment, content discovery and creation since December 2019. The bulk of the demand has been noted from Bharat where users are either moving from personal computer to mobile-first or are completely skipping the personal computer stage in their digital journey. 

As per industry reports, Indians spent an average of 4.8 hours on mobile apps – the highest ever – in 2021. Indians are known to spend 90 per cent of all internet minutes through mobiles and the pandemic has further increased the dependency on phones to go about regular routines – be it work, personal or social life. 

The multi-product business, which intercepts across the digital hierarchy of needs, saw a notable increase in usage of mobile- first productivity and utility apps that fulfil fundamental digital needs. This can be attributed to the remote and hybrid work setup adopted by most companies across the globe. Here AppyHigh’s Scanner Go, a mobile -first document suite, achieved nearly 7 million MAUs, the highest in the industry for the segment.  

AppyHigh Co-founder Aneesh Rayancha said, “Over the next couple of months we will bring rapid innovation across our ecosystem of apps and sharpen our focus on user intimacy as we target the next 1 billion users by 2026. Building and scaling products that delight users around the world will remain the cornerstone of our growth journey.” 

While the technology firm primarily draws its users from India, foreign markets like the US, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK contribute a sizable 20 per cent to its business. 

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