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OSRAM Emphasises upon Augmenting Production of UV-C Lamps to Ensure Protection Against Bacteria and Viruses

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Ultraviolet (UV-C) lamps have emerged as a dependable solution to disinfect the surroundings against bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses. OSRAM, one of the pioneers of UV-C Germicidal Lamps in the world, offers these lamps with unmatched European technology to enable a strong competitive edge for worldwide users.

Today when the entire world is facing an unprecedented crisis caused by the pandemic, it’s time to brainstorm over the effective ways to disinfect air, water and surface that can help to mitigate the risk of acquiring infection. “Since long UV-C sterilization has been a proven way to sterilize and disinfect air, water and surfaces. The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) believes that UV disinfection technologies can play a role in a multiple barrier approach to reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses based on empirical evidence,” said Mr. Avinder Singh, CEO – OSRAM Lighting Pvt. Ltd. India.

OSRAM’s UV‑C HNS lamps work at a wavelength of 253.7 nm and obliterate viruses and bacteria with a reliability of 99.9 percent. The use in hospitals in Wuhan and Beijing, China, has confirmed their effectiveness against coronavirus. In one of the recent interviews, Mr. Wilhelm Nehring, CEO of the Digital business unit at OSRAM Global, emphasized upon increasing the production volume of UV-C disinfection systems, because these can make an important contribution in the fight against coronavirus. While appreciating the dedication of OSRAM employees in the current difficult times, Mr. Nehring reiterated the company’s commitment to protect the health and well-being of its employees.

Considering the effectiveness of UV-C Lamps worldwide, hospitals have been using devices fitted with UV-C lamps to disinfect air and surfaces. These devices are also used to disinfect the personal protective equipment due to their large-scale efficacy against the drug resistant bugs,” added Mr. Singh.

Recently, a surge has been observed for several portable UV-C sanitizing devices for domestic use to disinfect small electronic gadgets or accessories. Depending upon the combined output power of the UV-C lamps, duration of UV-C light exposure for disinfection/ sanitize might vary,” he observed.

UV-C germicidal lamps can be installed in ventilation ducts to clean the air passing through them. OSRAM customers are using 4W, 8W, 11W HNS UV-C lamps to produce small/big size UV-C cabinet disincentive devices for small scale domestic as well as industrial usage. For large-scale commercial usage – 30W and 36W OSRAM HNS UV-C lamps are seen to be installed in devices for doctor’s clinics. Whereas 25W, 30W and 36W HNS UV-C lamps are recently used for conveyer belts in airports, hotels, offices, etc.

In this New Normal period, offices are no longer the same as there is strict implementation of hygienic practices. Specially to maintain healthy air quality and disinfect surfaces, devices with UV-C Lamps have become much sought-after items in offices. “In fact, these devices have immense utility, if installed at any other public spaces like – malls, restaurants, movie halls, retail centres, salon, gym, warehouses and other commercial establishment with large human gathering,” said Mr. Singh.

Primarily focused on semiconductor-based technologies, OSRAM’s product range caters to highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality to autonomous driving and from smartphones to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities.

We as OSRAM, a century-old leading global high-tech lighting brand remain committed to offer the most exciting product line tailor made for our valued customers. Our customers have been using UV-C Lamps since years with proven outcome,” Mr. Singh concluded.

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