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Over 300 lucky students get hands-on-training on emerging Web3.0 technology

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29 November, Hyderabad: The closing ceremony of the IBC Alt Hack– Hyderabad edition, based on Web3.0 and a part of IBC Continuum 2022 – 23, was organized at the T-Hub 2.0 at Hyderabad, today. The Hack Fest was organised by IBC in conjunction with Tech Mahindra, Telangana Academy of Skill & Knowledge – (TASK), and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).  The 9-day Hackathon was held at Tech Mahindra Learning Campus from 23 to 28 November 2022, with the closing ceremony held on 29th Nov at T-Hub. The IBC Alt Hack is considered one of the biggest Web3.0 hackathons in India. The IBC Hackathon agenda is a nationwide initiative with a 5-year timeframe that will equip Indian students to be Web3.0 industry ready through a full cycle program – right from orientation, training, brainstorming, idea generation, speed building, with top line mentors and online sessions from Web 3 global experts.

Speaking on the occasion at the closing ceremony at T-Hub, Mr. Rama Krishna, Co Chairman – Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Start-ups, CII – Telangana, said, “This training program of IBC Media in collaboration with TASK and CII, is a fantastic opportunity for students to avail free education and certification; get project experience while being guided by top mentors and gain hands-on experience in Web3.0 technologies; and become an industry ready professional.”

A total of 300+ student developers participated in the event, working on problem statements. There were nearly 100 teams formed from the participants who enthusiastically participated in coming up with innovative Web 3 business problem ideas. They were supported by top line mentors and subject-matter experts from the industry and emerging technologies.

IBC lined up top mentors, who hand-held students in their 9-day Web3.0 journey, with sessions on insights on Smart Contracts, Para chains, Polkadot architecture, Substrate, RUST, speed building, etc. The sessions were helmed by experts of Web3.0 like Shivam from Moralis; Dr. Radhakrishna Dasari from the Web3.0 Foundation; Selvaraju, Web 3 expert, Praveen Thakur, COO IBC Media. and others. As part of the IBC’s Education & Certification Program certification program, each of the teams will now continue to build on their ideas, and the most promising idea will be rewarded on the closing day of the IBC Alt Hack at T-Hub, Hyderabad.

IBC’s Education & Certification Program is also focused on onboarding students from 1000 engineering colleges from India to create a top-line pool of industry-ready Web3.0 developers, conversant in Blockchain and emerging technologies. The novelty about IBC’s Education & Certification Program is its holistic approach – students are taken through a full-cycle program that includes Orientation, Training, Ideation, Brainstorming and Speed Building leading up to the final selection of students.

Addressing the media, Mr. Abhishek Pitti, Founder-CEO, IBC Media said “We are creating a new program that will be taken from Telangana to the world to create talent for Web3.0 as a new format for hackathon called skill-a-thon to educate a million developers globally.” He further added that IBC’s current hackathon that is being held successfully across 700 schools of Telangana has about 20,000 registered students in a hybrid online-offline format. This 9-day training program has received a lot of support from the leadership of the education institutions, the industry, and the State Government. Mr. Pitti also mentioned that the tremendous success of IBC in organizing these hackathons has been immensely supported by Tech Mahindra, Polkadot and Dukes Confectioners.

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