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PM Modi says, India’s foremost guiding principle in foreign affairs is its national interest

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India’s foremost guiding principle in foreign affairs is its national interest. In an interview to UK based Financial Times, Mr Modi said, this approach, enables India to engage with various nations in a manner that respects mutual interests and acknowledges the complexities of contemporary geopolitics. He advocated a pragmatic approach to foreign policy. Mr Modi described it as mix-and-match diplomacy focused on pragmatic engagement aligned with national interests. He said, the world is interconnected as well as interdependent.

On India’s relationship with the United States and whether it could be characterised as an alliance, the Prime Minister highlighted the upward trajectory of relations. He asserted that the India-US relationship is now broader in engagement, deeper in understanding and warmer in friendship than ever before. Mr Modi said that the partnership between India and the United States will make the world better in the 21st century.

On the US’s claims of an Indian national’s alleged role in a plot to kill Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Mr Modi said, the government will look into any evidence. He said, our commitment is to the rule of law. he added that few incidents would not affect US-India ties.

On the potential of India-US defence industrial cooperation, Mr Modi said, that the decision to manufacture fighter jet engines by General Electric will prove to be a milestone in the journey of India’s defence sector. He also said the Artemis Accord signed by India and America is going to open many possibilities in the space sector.

On Israel-Hamas war, he outlined India’s stance on a two-state solution and delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. Mr Modi reiterated India’s commitment to fostering peace in the region.

The interview also touched upon India’s active role on the global stage, including hosting the Voice of the Global South summit and successfully advocating for the African Union’s admission as a permanent G20 member in September.

Exuding confidence in returning for a third straight term in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, his fellow citizens have come to realise that the country is poised for a giant leap and want their aspirations to take wings at the earliest. He said, the countrymen now appreciate and acknowledge that the country is on the cusp of take-off and want this flight to be expedited. Mr Modi said, today, the people of India have very different aspirations from the ones they had 10 years back.

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