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Pyar Ke Do Naam, a modern-day love story, set to hit theaters on May 3rd

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Mumbai: In the realm of Bollywood cinema, love has been defined time and again through countless new narratives. Presented by Reliance Entertainment and directed by Danish Javed, Pyar Ke Do Naam is another modern-day love story that promises to redefine love for today’s youth. The teaser of the film has been released on social media platforms.

The film, based on the tagline “Ek duje ke liye”, draws inspiration from romantic serials and films like Ishq Subhanallah Sufiyana, Pyar Mera, and Sanyasi Mera Naam, authored by Danish Javed. It’s a contemporary love story that presents modern perspectives on love in a highly emotional manner.

The teaser begins with a scene from a peace seminar held at Aligarh Muslim University’s campus, where Aryan Khanna (played by Bhavya Sachdeva) presents his research on Nelson Mandela and Kaira Singh (played by Ankita Sahu) presents her research on Mahatma Gandhi. Aryan Khanna stated that ‘Mein us beauty ko beauty hi nahi manata jo aankhon ko attract naa karen’.( I don’t consider the beauty ,which doesn’t attract the eyes). In another dialogue, amidst romantic banter, Aryan expressed that ‘Mandela ji yah trophy jiyenge aur mein is ladki ka dil’ (Mr. Mandela will win this trophy, and I will win this girl’s heart), to which Kaira Singh sternly replied ‘Mein ajnabiyon se baat nahi karti’ (I don’t talk to strangers.) Amidst the back-and-forth between the main characters, the title song of the film plays in the background, setting the tone for a fresh love story.

In Pyar Ke Do Naam, Bhavya Sachdeva and Ankita Sahu play the lead roles, with Kanika Gautam, Achal Tankwal, Deepti Mishra, Riney Arya and Namita Lal appearing in prominent roles. The film is produced by Vijay Goyal and Danish Javed, with co-producer Shahab Ilahabadi. The unique love story’s music is composed by Anjan Bhattacharya and Shabbir Ahmad, with lyrics by Danish Javed and Vasim Barelvi, sung by Javed Ali, Ritu Pathak, Raja Hasan, and Swati Sharma.

Director Danish Javed describes the film as a contemporary love story based on the principles of two great leaders of the world. Through the love story of Aryan Khanna and Kaira Singh, the film aims to answer the question of ‘Ek duje ke liye’  (For each other) or ‘Ek duje ke sath’ (With Each Other) for the audience.

Producer Vijay Goyal remarked that this film, Pyar Ke Do Naam, is an unusual love story set amidst the love ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, in the campus of Aligarh Muslim University.

It will be intriguing to see which name triumphs in Pyar Ke Do Naam. The film is set to release in theaters nationwide on May 3rd, by Reliance Entertainment. 

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