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Rakhi Mishra Launches “Rakhi Creations & Studio

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Mumbai: With an aim for sustainable fashion Noida Based Young entrepreneur Rakhi Mishra Launched her dream project “Rakhi Creations & Studio” which thrives on sustainable and Slow Fashion to create better environment-friendly fashion. Bring a Change in your lifestyle and Environment with Sustainable Fashion by Rakhi Creations.

Rakhi Creations is a fashion brand that encourages environmental stewardship. Rakhi Creations ensures that your investment does not result in a loss. The brand not only produces environment-friendly clothing but also makes sure customers have access to the latest and trendiest fashion and lifestyle at a reasonable price.

The brand’s mission is to create an eco-friendly, sustainable clothing line that cares about the environment and strives to reinstate the natural and organic interaction between fashion and nature. Rakhi Creation emphasizes the need of integrating nature into daily life in order to attain maximum sustainability and zero pollution in textile manufacture. Rakhi Creations focuses on the objective of developing and promoting environmentally friendly apparel that is still fashionable and affordable.

Rakhi Mishra, Founder and Managing Director of Rakhi Creations & Pvt. Ltd. commented, “I am overjoyed that my couture Rakhi Creation is now accessible. It has long been a dream project of mine. Rakhi Creations’ sustainable fashion will help you make a difference in your lifestyle and the environment, and we will be releasing new collections shortly.”

Rakhi Mishra began her Rakhi Creations Studio adventure in a 10 x 10 space. Being an independent woman in business was a major risk, with the purpose of pursuing her passion and desire of building a reputation for herself in the sustainable clothing sector. She was able to connect during epidemic periods via social media and offline relationships, providing her consumers a service to access her goods. Previously, she worked in product distribution to the worldwide market, where recycled clothing and silks were shipped by Indian Post. That was the moment when she participated in Sadhguru’s “Save Soil” campaign, which gave her perspective and shifted her emphasis to Mother Nature.

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