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Ravi Prabhu on a mission to cover all countries on the globe

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Hyderabad,: Telugu Traveller, Ravi Prabhu is on a mission to travel to every country on the world map.

A Telugu Youtuber (Vlogger) runs ‘RAVI TELUGU TRAVELLER” YouTube Channel, Ravi’s passion has been travel since very early childhood.

He travelled to 193 countries and is on the way to touch 195 countries (literally all the countries on the globe) very soon

He has been travelling for the past 20 years.

Now only two countries, Libya and Venezuela are left.  I have got visas for both of these countries. I obtained them very recently. I will be visiting Libya on September 11th. I am going there directly from here.   Venezuela will be the next country, which I hope to complete by October this year, he says.

When he completes his 195th country, probably he would be the only Telugu man to have achieved that feat and one of the four or five Indians.  He will also have another distinction of being one of the few hundred (below five hundred) out of the 650 crore world population to have visited every country on the globe.

He travelled a little over 30 lakh air miles (the distance equal to travelling eight times to the Moon) in over 1000 airlines. Invested INR 20 crore, his hard-earned money on those trips.

One he reaches the milestone; he would like to focus on knowledge sharing.  He wants to visit educational institutions, sharing his vast knowledge.  He will also focus on writing the book.

I am even willing to be a face to any Tourism Department of any state or destination.  I would like to help organizations in promoting tourism. When I travel abroad I see a lot of Rajasthan, Kerala and Orissa Tourism promotions. But I hardly come across the tourism promotion of any of the Telugu states, Ravi says.

Ravi who is now 40 plus years started his travels when he was a 9 years old boy. The first country he visited was Bhutan and the next one was the USA, where he resides now along with his working wife Swathi and teenage daughter Anoushka. The first country he travelled to after moving to the USA was the Netherlands.

Ravi Prabhu,  moved to the USA in 1996 and has been living there since then.  He used to work before. For most of his travel journey, he continued while working. Now he left the job and is now an independent consultant.

Ravi is a well-known YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel “RAVI TELUGU TRAVELLER” in the year 2020.  Much of his travel was done before starting that channel.  After starting his YouTube channels, he started revisiting some of the countries.

With over 7.05 lakh subscribers, and a huge fan following, Ravi hails from Visakhapatnam and has a strong connection to Hyderabad.  He studied in Hyderabad (Hyderabad Central University, studied Masters in Political Science).

En route to Libya, he went to Visakhapatnam, to meet his parents, who he met quite often in person in Vizag.  On the way to Libya and Venezuela, the last two countries which are short of breaking a record as the first Telugu Traveller to achieve this feat, he was in Hyderabad and interacted with media at FTCCI in Red Hills.  

His claim to fame of visiting every country on the globe is just a few months away. He is a proud Telugu man and an Indian. This is one feat many dream to achieve.  Not many Indians are in the race. He is known as one of the most travelled Telugu persons.

This Telugu Man has visited almost every country in the World while continuing his job (until a few months back).

His YouTube channel features his travel experiences, and insights into his journeys, including the cultures, cuisines, and people he encounters along the way. Ravi’s videos are a visual treat for travel enthusiasts, as he captures the beauty of each destination with his camera. Ravi’s passion for travel is evident in his videos, and he hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams of travelling and exploring the world. Through his channel, Ravi aims to provide a glimpse into the diverse cultures and lifestyles of people from different countries and to promote the idea of unity in diversity.

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