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Rejuvenate, reconnect & fraternize at ‘Phoenix CXO Annual Fest

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Delhi: Economic Times HR today announced the launch of ‘Phoenix CXO Annual Fest 2022’ in Goa, the party capital of India. In association with Slack, is a two-day residential getaway that’s carefully crafted as an opportunity to meet industry leaders in an informal setting & a mode to rejuvenate and connect beyond the humdrum of city-work life.

In the last few years, leaders have had to face some unprecedented hurdles and carve new ways to keep their businesses afloat. Evolving continuously with hybrid working models, changing markets, and adapting a more human-centric work approach. Leaders who have excelled and moved from the top to the heart of the organization have always ditched the conservative siloed approach and have been collaborative. The Phoenix CXO Annual Fest 2022 aims to bring this community of leaders together on the backdrop of picturesque setting of Goa beaches. This two-day residential event comprises a host of fun-filled activities like yoga, theater workshop, and mindfulness to rekindle the spirit of today’s leaders. All programs will be curated to foster maximum happiness, enjoyment, and exploration. The atmosphere throughout the event will be light and cheerful as the participants will take part in indoor and outdoor activities, and attend in person-meetings, masterclasses, and brainstorming sessions.

Speaking on the event Swati Arora, Director, Sales (India), Slack said, “We look forward to co-hosting this year’s Phoenix CXO Annual Fest as a presenting partner. We aim to reinvent the way the industry connects beyond the realm of meetings and offices. Today, we have to break down communication silos and bring teams together around common goals, projects and processes. The industry needs mega idea-sharing and decision-making tools and channels to enhance coordination, alignment, and productivity.”

“Often the corner office leaders shoulder the heaviest responsibilities of  protecting the workforce from uncertainties and rapid changes.Today, every leader wants to connect and align with other leaders to learn from each other’s expertise and transformative journeys. We have organised a two-day residential event comprising a host of fun-filled activities to rekindle their spirit and offer them a chance to meet like minded people in a collaborative environment,” shares Amit Kumar Gupta, Business Head, ET Verticals, Times Internet.

The event will take place from the 21st to 23rd of September 2022. It will comprise many activities like yoga and mindfulness sessions, Improv Theatre Workshop, Mixology Lesson, and a keynote by Indian Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Social Activist. It will be attended by 100+ of the top business leaders and CXOs. The activities will be conducted by special guests from around the globe. Also, some of the top industry leaders of India will grace the event as speakers.

Phoenix CXO Annual Fest is an opportunity of a lifetime to help today’s leaders comb through their professional networks to create solid, sustainable, and profitable relationships in a fun-filled atmosphere.

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