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RSS and BJP are trying to alter India’s Constitution: Rahul Gandhi

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Kozhikode: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has accused that Sangh Parivar was trying “to do away with the constitution of the country” and that threat was looming large on the people of India.  Addressing a mammoth election rally in Kozhikode, Kerala, on Monday night the party’s star campaigner said, “The RSS and the BJP are trying to destroy India’s Constitution and change India’s Constitution and the UDF, the Congress Party and the INDIA alliance is trying to save the Constitution of India, that is the central issue. Mr Narendra Modi is the instrument of five or six of India’s biggest, richest business people.”

Mr Gandhi accused that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to divert the voters’ attention from the real burning problems like unemployment and price rise by raising trivial issues. “His (Modi’s) job is to distract India’s people from the real issues, that is why some times you will see him, doing puja underneath the sea, sometimes you will see him, flying in the sky in a seaplane. Sometimes he will tell the people of India, we will bring the Olympics to India, another time he will say, we are going to send one man to the moon, but he never talks about the issues, that the farmers are facing, he never talks about unemployment, he never talks about prise rise.”

According to Mr Gandhi “all he does is, he protects the richest people in the country and forgives their bank loans. He has given 16 lakh crores to 22 to 25 people.”

Referring to PM Modi’s latest interview with a news agency Rahul Gandhi said during the interview Modi “was trying to defend the biggest corruption scandal on the planet, electoral bond scheme through which BJP has got thousands of crores of rupees.”

 The Congress leader said that his party  has decided to “do something for the people of India. So, we have come up with three or four very simple things. The first thing is, we are going to make list of all the poor families in India and we are going to choose one woman from all these families, and every year the Government of India will put Rs.1 Lakh in her bank account, Rs.8,500 a month every month. You know, all these rich people, they have a concept called Apprenticeship. Their children, before they go into a job, they get an Apprenticeship, which is paid, where they get training, they get money and they get understanding of a job.”

Explaining his party’s plan to solve the unemployment problem among the youths he said “we are going to come out with a Right to Internship Law for all graduates and diploma holders. All these graduates that Narendra Modi has made unemployed, are going to get a right to Internship or an Apprenticeship that means they will get guarantee to work in the private sector, in the public sector, in PSU units. They will get for training for one year in their chosen field, and they will get paid Rs.1 lakh, Rs.8,500 every month, Rs.1 lakh a year for the apprenticeship. So, our idea is, if Narendra Modi can give money to the 22 to 25 richest people in India, we can give money to the poorest people in India, to the weaker people in India.”

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