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Sakra World Hospital Tech-enabled Unique Smart Solution To Enable Efficient Tackling Of The Third Wave Of The Pandemic

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In order to arm up for the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic and ensure no patient with the virus struggles for a hospital bed, Sakra World Hospital has come up with Jidoka – a combination of automation and human soft touch. 

Established through digitisation of patient centric process like virtual triaging, it makes sure that bed is available based on criticality of patient’s condition, timely electronic communication of patients’ health condition to attender, reducing transcribing error of patient data to be uploaded on government platform and creation of e-portal for vaccination and patient billing.

Deepak Agarkhed, Associate Vice President, Sakra World Hospital “Adoption of Kaizen (continuous improvement) as hospital operating system at Sakra has made big impact to improve efficiency at workplace across hospital. We at Sakra conduct twice a year Kaizen competition to encourage each functional and cross functional team to generate new improvement idea, implement & showcase to entire hospital staff. Kaizen is indeed stepping stone for Sakra‘s innovation during COVID- 19.” Said.

The high intensity of the Covid-19 second wave made the Sakra Covid Task Force and the executors to act upon immediately and come up with this innovative solution for which Sakra World Hospital has received National Awards for Excellence for “Most Innovative Solution for COVID 19” organised by the World Health Congress.

World Health & Wellness Congress & Award brings an international organization representing senior executives and leaders joined by a common interest in driving economic development and understanding health & wellness industries. Sakra World Hospital’s winning of this prestigious award is an outcome of implementation of Innovative and smart work driven by passion, empathy and ownership of assigned work. 

These in-house solutions from the SAKRA IT team guided by respective functional area experts and vetted by the quality assurance team made a quick impact in saving time, reducing human errors and more importantly reducing unnecessary physical touchpoint which had apprehension of possible COVID-19 transmission.

The working of Jidoka: What & How?

Efficient & effective action on Gemba (work place) under resource scarcity challenge was met through Anzen technique (hazard prediction). The optimal usage of oxygen was done through re-setting oxygen delivery protocol, training staff and educating patients and regular auditing which resulted in saving daily consumption of oxygen to tune of 30%.

The maximum utilisation of life saving mechanical ventilators through closed group coordination and communication and adopting total productive maintenance have saved patient’s lives within a short time. Adoption of zero contact Porta cabin for sample collection for RT-PCR helped bring confidence to the general public about Sakra’s sensitivity towards curtailing irrational spreading of COVID-19. 

Learning from other hospital incidents and adoption of countermeasures in processes like fire safety compliance checks by a team consisting of nurse, engineer, fire officer and quality assurance, qualitative and quantitative patient outcome measures at the hospital’s specialised rehabilitation centre have helped to review clinical pathways towards standardised treatment protocols. 

While Bengaluru saw an average of 12 Covid-19 related deaths a day in the first wave,  96 Covid-19 fatalities a day in the second wave, Sakra’s advanced technology based innovative solution is believed to help the frontline medical warriors tackle the third wave efficiently and effectively, thereby saving the mankind to a greater extent.

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