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School Edtech unicorn LEAD crosses Rs. 410 Cr

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Hyderabad: LEAD, India’s largest School Edtech company, has achieved remarkable growth in FY’23, clocking Rs. 410 Cr. ARR and booking a revenue of Rs 295 Cr. during the fiscal.  With strong unit economics and scale, LEAD has reduced its cash burn by 60-70% versus last year and is on the path to achieve profitability and become EBITDA positive in FY’25.

Early in 2023, LEAD entered the high-fee school segment via the strategic acquisition of Pearson’s local K-12 learning business in India.  Later in July 2023, LEAD announced its entry into the low-fee school segment in India, propelling a new era of educational excellence in Bharat. LEAD’s strong performance positions it as the frontrunner in the Indian School Edtech industry, demonstrating its ability to drive profitable growth and improve learning outcomes across 25 mn students in 60,000 schools by 2028.

Sumeet Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder, LEAD, said, “We have kept our heads down and focused on transforming schools with our integrated solutions.  Improving learning outcomes in schools has led to a 2X growth versus last year.  And with increasing scale, we are on track towards profitability. This reinforces our belief that technology, when used to empower teachers and schools, can have a transformative impact on education.  And now we have a solution for every school in this country.”

School Edtech in India represents a key opportunity to shape the country’s future educational outcomes.  Recent analysis of India’s School Edtech sector indicates that schools across segments are poised for rapid transformation and digitization, underpinned by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 guidelines that mandate multimodal teaching-learning in schools; rising data penetration; and accelerated digital adoption due to Covid.

LEAD’s profitable growth, reduced cash burn, and clear roadmap to profitability position it as an industry leader, driving a revolution in education across India’s small towns. The company’s unwavering commitment to financial excellence and strategic growth paves the way for a transformative shift in Indian School Edtech.

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