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Scitron rolls out ‘MeraGroovyGut’ campaign led by dancing guru Terence Lewis

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Mumbai:  Scitron, a leading Indian sports nutrition brand rolls out the #MeraGroovyGut campaign led by the famous artist, dancer and choreographer Terence Lewis. The commercial reveals Scitron’s new Hydrolyzed Synbiotic Whey Protein which aids in quick and easy digestion. The product contains no fillers or mixers and offers 100% Hydrolyzed Protein sourced from the USA that delivers 24g of protein per serving.

Recognizing the importance of protein in the daily diet of working professionals, students and housewives, Scitron introduces its Hydrolyzed+ Synbiotic Whey Protein, which contains Prebiotics and Probiotics to serve in improved digestion and absorption of any body type. The product has brought smiles to the faces of millions concerned about bloating and gut issues caused by regular protein supplements.

Commenting on the campaign and product launch, Mr. Rahul Rohra, CMO, Scitron said, “We at Scitron are super thrilled to get Terence on board for this campaign. His approach and art is well-liked by the country, and who better than him to educate India about the importance of gut health. With our innovative Prebiotics + Probiotics + Whey Protein formulation, we aim to make India’s Gut Health better. Moreover, we are positive that the campaign will create a ripple effect in the audiences as well as add to our brand value.”

Scitron, in collaboration with Gemius – Integrated Marketing Agency, ideated and delivered the campaign in just three hours. The Gemius team was pumped to have gained the opportunity to shoot Terence Lewis who donned his dancing shoes and grooved perfectly to the beats of the famous Bollywood song. The dialogue delivery in the campaign video ignites the spark that the brand hopes will fuel the right market visibility.

Mr. Saurabh Pacheriwal, Co-Founder, Gemius said, “The collaboration between Scitron and Terence is a new feat for the brand. We have been working with Scitron for over 3 years now and are super proud of how it has grown. With this latest campaign, we are confident that the brand will reach new heights. The team at Scitron have been extremely supportive and we are all looking forward to the response, we receive once the campaign is live.”

For dancers, not getting enough protein is a major issue, and not receiving good protein is even more problematic. Terence Lewis, who understands the rigorous routines of dancers and the amount of work they put into their craft, provides insight through the commercial that dancers too like all athletes require protein. Terence at the end of the commercial encourages the dancing community to recreate his steps to show how groovy their gut is by posting a video under #MeraGroovyGut. Dancers who hit the floor hard with their disco moves and impress Terence will receive the exclusive opportunity to win Hydrolyzed Synbiotic Whey Protein from Scitron.

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