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Shradha Rani Sharma, ‘says Abdu Rozik’ can become ‘Bigg Boss Winner’ this time

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Actress Shradha Rani Sharma, who was a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 5, is watching Bigg Boss 16 very carefully and very deeply. According to her, Contestant Abdu Rozik is being liked a lot by the people. Even though Abdu Rozik was recently nominated by the family members, still he has become a favorite of Indians. Abdu’s bonding with everyone in the house is very good. Regarding Abdu Rozik, Shradha Rani Sharma says, “Whether there is a task in the house or there is a quarrel with someone, Abdu is often seen explaining, he doesn’t hesitate in any situation. He has become an international player and I think no one can stop Abdu Rozik from becoming ‘Bigg Boss Winner’. He will be the winner of Bigg Boss Season 16. Even if he gets eliminated by mistake, he will be back on public demand. He is a very talented person.”

Now it has to be seen to what extent the words of Shradha Rani Sharma are true?

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