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SonoRad K40 High Performance Point of care Ultrasound System

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Trivitron SonoRad K40 is an advanced and innovative portable Color Doppler ultrasound system equipped with advanced technology and powered by RF ultrasonic metadata platform, a light, intelligent, and powerful tool to deliver a precise diagnosis. SonoRad K40 is an ultra-light, Ultra-thin, Ultra-precise and Ultra-portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System.

Color Doppler gives an insight to the doctors about what is inside the body without using X-rays or injections. The device turns the sound waves into images and helps the doctor checks for issues related to blood flow in veins, arteries, heart, clots in veins, blockages in arteries, detect aneurysm, check for blood flow problems in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and flow of blood in the fetus during pregnancy.

Trivitron portable SonoRad K40 Color Doppler Ultrasound system is compact, fashionable, and it also fulfils the medical practice in the field of Gastroenterology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Cardiology, and Point of Care, and is also best fit for routine scanning. The machine is portable and the color mode offers accurate and efficient diagnosis and is used for a wide range of applications to assist medical practitioners for routine screening. It is not only space-saving but can be used in settings where medical help is immediately required. The versatile and ultra-portable imaging system design delivers fast, accurate results at the patient’s bedside and the ICU. The device offers a wide range of cardio-vascular applications for increased diagnostic confidence. It produces an excellent 2D image, Doppler performance, strain imaging, tissues Doppler imaging, and pulse wave technology in cardiology diagnosis.

Features of Portable Color Doppler

Best Image Quality with Precise Measurements

SonoRad K40 is ultra-portable and powered with advanced images and precise measurements. The uniform RF platform offers advanced image quality with the best resolution and contrast. The pure wave probe technology also improves the penetration and color sensitivity. It offers with provides high definition 3D image quality with STIC, Mcut and Auto NT that fulfill all obstetric applications.

Touch Sensor for Easy Operation

SonoRad K40 offers a smart touch user interface that utilizes the touch panel technology for easy operation and also allows rotation of 3D rendering images and comments. Multiprocessors allow simultaneous mode changes and support advanced system functionality.

Portable and Ultra-Compact

The ultra-compact design allows it to be carried around with ease with a mobile cart that is also equipped with multiple probe connections. The device can also be connected with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and V cloud to streamline workflow.

Highly sensitive Keyboard and Screen

The keyboard is highly sensitive with an 8-inch capacity touch panel. Contain ergonomic hard keys for general ultrasound operations and contain 6 TGC slides, functionality at any depth. It is integrated with a touchable alphabetic keyboard and fully integrated probe to reduce overall space

The display screen is 15.6 inches with high resolution, LED technology, with pixel resolution. It also has big angel tilting capability

Wide Range of Probes

Phased array, curved array, linear array, micro Convex 4D Endocavity Arraythat offers diagnosis in a huge range of specialties.

Trolley for Excellent Mobility

It is an optional accessory and is having a simplified design with a small footprint.

Cart and Probe Holders

The cart configuration contains a cart base and 4 probe holders. It contains 1 pc B/W graphic printer bracket and also offers with 200 mm up and down mechanism.

Trivitron SonoRad K40 Color Doppler Ultrasound System is based on advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design, that offers superior image quality, high-cost effectiveness, and mobility, this makes this device applicable to different body scans and clinic departments, like an emergency, hospitals, clinics, and many more. With breakthrough technology and great image quality, Trivitron SonoRad K40offers the most high-quality image using multiple probes and helps enhance clinically and deliver a precision diagnosis.

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