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Tailoring Marketing Strategies to Indian Cities – Why It Is Essential Today

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By N.Chandra Mouli, CEO -TRA Research

In the intricate tapestry of India’s marketing landscape, every thread tells a different story. The data from TRA’s Marketing Decision Index Q3 2023 unravels a tale that’s as diverse and contrasting as the Indian palette. Even within regions that share cultural heritage and language, the contrasts are stark, vivid, and reveal a profound understanding of the human touch.

North: The Ensemble of Tradition and Modernity

The northern zone dances to two distinct rhythms. Chandigarh’s preference for regional print ads (6.17) is a poetic ode to its cultural roots, while Delhi’s dominance in national TV ads (8.36) seems to be a nod to its modern aspirations.

In the backdrop, Jaipur’s affinity for trade media (8.00) tells a tale of the city’s artistic soul, while Lucknow’s inclination towards local TV ads (7.38) hums a tune of its traditional wisdom. The contrasts within this zone are not merely numbers; they reflect the values, the culinary richness, the artistic wisdom, and the political might that shape the northern soul.

East: The Rhapsody of Spirituality and Youth

The eastern zone presents an enchanting rhapsody. Guwahati’s appreciation for radio (7.00) whispers of the ancient melodies and spiritual resonance that pervade the northeastern beauty. Contrastingly, Kolkata’s embrace of digital search (6.30) sings a song of the city’s youthful dynamism and intellectual curiosity.

Even though they share the zone, the two cities offer a vibrant melody that is as diverse as the local cuisine, each flavoring the music with its unique spices.

West: The Symphony of Innovation and Heritage

The western zone plays a symphony that intertwines innovation with heritage. Ahmedabad’s score for digital ads (7.21) paints a picture of a city on the edge of technological frontiers. Yet, not too far away, Nagpur’s love for regional print (7.83) and OOH (6.27) seems to echo its affection for cultural authenticity.

The contrasts here are not merely contrasts; they’re a harmonious blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, like the rich variety of festivals celebrated in unison.

South: The Concerto of Diversity and Connection

The southern zone plays a concerto that resonates with the rich cultural diversity. While Chennai’s high score for national TV ads (9.55) hints at the city’s cosmopolitan beat, Cochin’s affinity for radio (6.67) reflects a longing for the local tunes and wisdom.

Hyderabad’s love for social media (7.08) is perhaps a modern dance, while Coimbatore’s score for regional print (4.40) is a classical movement. This zone’s music is a rich blend of languages, values, religions, and lifestyles, each note playing in perfect harmony yet retaining its distinct identity.

Crafting India’s Marketing Melody

In a country as multifaceted as India, marketing is a melody composed of contrasting notes, each city singing its unique tune. From the northern ensemble to the southern concerto, the variations are profound yet perfectly in sync.

Understanding these nuances is the key to resonating with the Indian heart. The TRA’s Marketing Decision Index Q3 2023 isn’t just data; it’s a musical score, a roadmap for businesses to craft marketing campaigns that not only connect but celebrate the diversity that defines India.

These contrasting melodies reveal that even cities close in proximity can be worlds apart in their marketing preferences. Each paragraph of data is a verse in a song, telling tales of wisdom, culture, values, religion, and culinary diversity that make India’s marketing melody one of a kind.

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