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Those trying to impose one language, one culture are our real enemy: TN Chief Minister

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Thiruvananthapuram: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin has said that it was impossible to impose one language, one religion and one culture on India. He also said said that those promoting one language and one religion are trying to break our unity and they are enemies of India and Indians. Stalin was virtually addressing a media conclave at Trissur in Kerala.  During  his address the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister also condemned the suspending  27 Rajya Sabha MPs from opposition parties, including members of DMK from the House.

During his talk Stalin fiercely targeted the BJP and the central government. Expressing concern over the recent suspension of 27 MPs, he said the right to expression was being strangulated. Stalin accused the BJP government at the Center of trying to run parallel governments in the states through Governors. Stalin said that such of the thinking of the saffron party and policies of their government are anti-people.

Addressing the program, he further said that those who impose one language, one religion and one culture are the enemies of India’s unity. You can never achieve unity through uniformity. Apart from this, he also raised many other issues. Stalin said that the concepts of federalism, state autonomy, secularism, equality, fraternity, socialism and social justice should be further strengthened to make India strong. India will benefit from strong, prosperous states. Strong and self-reliant states are India’s strength, not its weakness, he added. Accusing the central government of not following the principle of federalism, Stalin said that efforts to make India united should be acknowledged. Everyone has to come forward for this.

Further,  praising Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who was present during the event, Stalin said the alliance between DMK and CPIM in Tamil Nadu was ideological and not just for electoral benefits. Stalin also accused the BJP government at the Center for targeting journalists  and  opposition leaders who are opposed to the undemocratic attitude of the rulers.

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