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Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport Powered by nature, crafted for you

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Hyderabad: Tissot has consistently been at the forefront of blending style and functionality. Carrying on this legacy and inspired by the recent triumph of the T-Touch Connect Solar, Tissot proudly presents the new T-Touch Connect Sport. A unisex Swiss-made sports watch designed for active individuals who value their well-being and appreciate a genuine timepiece on their wrist.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport, powered by quartz and recharged by the sun, showcases a 43mm diameter design. The high-performance solar cells on the watch dial capture light, storing energy in an accumulator that keeps the watch running for months without needing a recharge. Additionally, the watch boasts a tactile sapphire glass, equipped with an AMOLED screen, responsive to direct touch or via the side pushers, offering a versatile interactive experience.

Available in various bezel and case colours, the T-Touch Connect Sport is a symbol of an active lifestyle, marrying materials like ceramic and titanium with sophisticated brushed and polished finishing. It complements your active lifestyle while maintaining the high-quality standards of a long-lasting watch.

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