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Traditionally men are more profit-minded in business, but women are no way less says business coach Rahul Jain

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Hyderabad: One of India’s top business coaches, Rahul Jain coached the members of the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) on “Double Your Profits” in a one-day workshop in the city on Saturday, at the Park in Somajiguda.

190 attendees composed of FLO members, their family members, friends and business contacts attended the day-long workshop which continued till late in the evening. It was Rahul’s maiden workshop in Hyderabad.  I pioneered business coaching in India 25 years back he claimed.

Rahul who has 1.84 lakh subscribers on his YouTube Channel ‘RahulJainBusinessCoachingIndia’ is known for workshops on how you can Run your business operations, working one day a week and Double your profits every year.

Sales is a number game.  Instead of changing turnover, and increasing sales, business leaders must focus on growth and profitability.  Then they automatically get tuned to the scientific process of doubling profits, Rahul Jain said.  Interacting on the sidelines of the workshop, he said women are better in business than men. Intrinsically, they are more attuned to business.  If given a chance they prove this statement correct, he said. And added that traditionally men are considered to be more profit-minded in business than women, but now things are changing and women are proving that they are in no way less than any, he added.

There is always 1 person in a company that is responsible for the growth of the company. Money is never the requirement, that one person is what you need, says Rahul Jain.

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