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TRANSCO builds 5th ultra high pressure sub-station of Sidhi district

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Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company (MP Transco) has constructed 132 KV 50 kms  Sihawal-Sidhi line and 132 KV new sub-station at Sihawal in Sidhi district at an estimated cost of Rs 53.26 crore. Energy Minister Shri Pradyuman Singh Tomar apprised that this sub-station has been energized with 50 MVA with power transformer  capacity for the purpose of providing quality electricity to the consumers and electricity supply has also been started for the consumers from the 33 kV feeders. With the construction of new sub-station, there has been a significant increase in the transmission capacity of Sidhi district, the consumers of Sihawal region will now be able to get better quality electricity at proper voltage.

Energy Minister Shri Tomar informed that Girua region will be the most benefited with the construction of this sub-station, which was earlier getting 33 kv supply from Tyonthar sub-station located 75 km away. Now the Girua region will get supply from only 200 meters long line, due to which this area will get low interruption quality power at proper voltage. Similarly, instead of 70 km, the supply to Bichi will be available from a 22 km long line and for Ukada and Amelia region there will be only 12 km line.

Energy Minister Shri Tomar informed that now five 33/11 KV sub stations of this area will get supply with the help of four feeders of 33 KV from 132 kv sub station. This includes 33 KV regions Amalia, Bichhi (Singrauli), Girua and Ukaya. Approximately 27 thousand power consumers will be benefited here, who will get quality electricity with minimum disruption.

Sihawal is the fifth ultra high pressure power sub-station in Sidhi district. Prior to this Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company used to supply power from 220 KV Sub-Station Sidhi, 132 KV Sub-Station Sidhi, 132 KV Sub-Station Rampur Nekin and 132 KV Sub Station Madwas to Sidhi district.

With the commissioning of the sub-station, the transmission capacity of Sidhi district has increased to 600 MVA. of which there are 320 MVA. 220 KV side and 280 MVA 132 KV sides.

The first super high pressure sub-station in Sidhi district was commissioned on 29 April, 1987 under the name 132 KV sub station Sidhi. Then its capacity was 20 MVA which has increased to 80 MVA today. The capacity of 132 KV Sub-station Rampur Nekin is 40 MVA, capacity of 220 KV Sub-station side in 22 kv sub station Sidhi is 320 MVA and 132 KV Side capacity is 60 MVA and capacity of Madwas 132 KV Sub-station is 50 MVA.

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