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Transforming Workplaces: Ashwin Sheth Group’s Tribute to Mothers with the Launch of a Crèche Facility

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Bengaluru: In honour of Mother’s Day, Ashwin Sheth Group (ASG), a prominent real estate company in India, introduces a ‘Crèche’ facility for the working mothers of ASG. This service is presently accessible at the Sheth Avalon site in Thane and will soon be extended to all the running sites and HO. The main objective of this endeavour is to support new mothers by providing them with work-life balance and appropriate infrastructure to care for their kids.

The crèche service aims to assist employed mothers by providing care for their infants and young children, allowing them to focus on their work responsibilities. The facility features amenities such as a dedicated caregiver, CCTV surveillance, and a playroom equipped for both education and recreation. It ensures a nurturing atmosphere where children receive attention and guidance from committed caregivers, fostering their development through play and learning.

Talking about the initiative, Mr Prabhakar Azad, Chief People and Process Officer at Ashwin Sheth Group stated, “At Ashwin Sheth Group, our dedication lies in consistently formulating innovative ideas and endeavours aimed at enhancing the life of our employees. With this facility, we’ve proactively addressed the issue of retaining female talent by providing amenities such as daycare services. Understanding the significance of a conducive environment for children’s growth and imagination, we’ve transformed the crèche into a lively and nurturing setting. Our crèche initiative transcends mere convenience; it stands as a pillar of support for the remarkable resilience and commitment of working mothers, enabling them to pursue their professional paths while nurturing their young ones.”

Expressing her gratitude to the organization, Ms Uzma Shaikh, a part of the Facility Department at Ashwin Sheth Group stated, ” Thanks to the new crèche facility provided by Ashwin Sheth Group, I’ve achieved a harmonious balance between my career and motherhood. As a working mother, having my child nearby brings me a sense of reassurance, knowing that I can attend to both my professional goals and my child’s well-being. This initiative not only demonstrates the company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to its workforce but also empowers us to flourish in all facets of our lives. I am sincerely appreciative of the support and resources that the company offers to working mothers, enabling us to thrive both professionally and personally.”

As an integral component of its 2024 dynamic business strategy, the Ashwin Sheth Group is also rolling out numerous innovations and amenities to ensure its internal workforce achieves peak productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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