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Tremors in North East, 6 earthquakes in 48 hours

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From Bhupen Goswami

GUWAHATI :Tremors have been felt continuously in the north-eastern states of the country for the past few days. A subsequent earthquake struck Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur after midnight on Sunday. This is the 6th setback in the North Eastern States during the last 48 hours. No loss of life or property has been reported so far. Tremors were felt at different times in 3 North Eastern States of the country. This includes Tezpur in Assam, Chandel in Manipur and West Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. This information was given by the National Sysmology.

According to reports, tremors were felt in West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya at 4.20 am. Its intensity was measured at 2:6 on the reactor scale. In Assam, an earthquake struck Tezpur around 2 pm. It measured its highest intensity at 4.1. Tremors of magnitude 3.04 were felt at 1:06 pm in Moirang, Manipur.A 3.1 magnitude tremor was felt in Arunachal Pradesh at 1.2pm after midnight on Sunday. The epicentre of the earthquake was 17 kilometres north of the ground, 95 km northwest of Panjin in Arunachal. Within 20 minutes, an earthquake struck Near Shirui in Manipur, measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale.

Earlier, tremors of magnitude 4.2 were felt in Assam after midnight on Saturday. No loss of life or property has been reported. The epicentre of the earthquake, which occurred at 1.7pm late in the night, was 30 kilometres deep from the ground, 39 km west of Tezpur. Just a day before that, there were tremors in 3 different States.The magnitude of the earthquake in Chandel area of Manipur was measured at 3 on the Richter scale at 1.60 pm after midnight on Friday. Its centre was 39 km southeast of Moirang, 10 kilometres deep from the ground near myanmar’s border. About an hour later, a 4.1 magnitude tremor was felt at Sonitpur in Assam at 2.40 pm. The third blow of 2.6 magnitude hit West Khasi Hills in Meghalaya at 4.20 pm.

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