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Ukraine War: Indian Students Terrified; “Embassy not Responsive”

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By Suresh Unnithan

Thiruvananthapuram: “We are shuddered by the sudden outbreak of war.  Just a day before the conflict started, we had expressed our apprehension to the Dean of our University on the media reports regarding the buildup from Russia but he simply dismissed the possibility of any arms conflict.   As speculated by the Western Media, the deadly war started on 24th morning and we are in total panic.  Today is the fourth day of the deadly attack.  Fighter planes are hovering over our building. Deafening sounds of bomb explosion threaten us. Scary news reports about the missile attack from Russian Navy deployed at the Black Sea further heightens our anxiety. We are left unprotected, unattended, both by the University and the Administration. Even the India Mission in Ukraine is inattentive to our hostile situation,” Amitha Rejani Prasad, a fifth year medical students of the Odessa National University in Ukraine explains on the traumatic state she pushed into.

Amitha from Kollam, Kerala is one among the 600 plus Indian students stranded in Odessa a south-west city in Ukraine under siege.  Talking from her apartment in Odessa she talked to PNINEWS in a trembling voice, “we don’t know how to find an escape route amidst the intensifying war. We are trapped, thanks to the obstinacy of the University.  Despite our repeated requests to allow us to fly out of Ukraine, the Dean of the university not only prevented us from leaving the state, but constantly scared us saying we will be expelled from the university if left Ukraine.”   To authenticate her charge against the University she shared the daunting whatsapp message from the Dean.

As per a list Amitha shared with PNI News, over 232 medical students from Kerala are “left high and dry” in Odessa. “We are totally shattered. No sign of help from any quarters. When we failed to elicit help from the University, we approached the Indian consulate. To our utter dismay, the Indian authorities also advised us to fend ourselves.” In a conversation between her and an official Indian consulate, the official was trying to put the “blame” on Government of India for their inaction saying that they can only act as per the instruction of New Delhi. In the recorded conversation Amitha is heard requesting for help for organizing their transportation from Odessa to “Moldova boarder which is 40 to 50 km from here.  The preferred boarder is of Romania which is 10-12 hours of travel from here and it is very dangerous (to travel such a long distance) in this (war) situation).” To her request the reply from the Indian authority is “well we are not supposed to talk about this…….. If anything happens from New Delhi we can convey you….as of now there is no possibility….” When she asked “ will the (Indian) Embassy arrange transportation of the stranded students” the officer is heard saying “as of now there is no possibility of arranging transport, because everything is stopped….in this situation nothing can be done, …the advisory is wherever you are you just wait and be safe.” 

Amitha who has been taking initiative to interact with different authorities says “while the Indian authorities in Ukraine are waiting directions from New Delhi to rescue their citizens Israel, US, European and even African countries have evacuated their citizens from Ukraine amidst the ongoing war. We wonder why Indian authorities are reluctant to rescue us. It seems, we are left to our fate.”

Odessa National University in Ukraine

The student from Kerala, out of panic, approached a member of Member of Parliament from the state. “He (the MP) wanted a list of stranded students and we sent the same to him three days back, but no response from him till now.”

“Our situation is going from bad to worse. We are facing scarcity of food, for the local shops are either closed or they don’t have stock.  Those moved to the bunkers are in utter dismay. They (the students in the bunkers) don’t have facility for even natures call.”

Many wonder why “ the junior central minister (from Kerala) who instantly respond on any political issues does not bother to make even a public statement or do anything tangible  to safely ferry the students back home.” A relative of a student blames both the Center and state governments for “ignoring” the safety of the stranded students.  “The politicians of all hues are the most selfish lots. They will act only if the situation is beneficial for them.  They are not for the people, but for themselves and at the most for their near and dear.”

Those students who ignored the “threats” and flew back home are expressing a sigh of relief. “Safety was our prime concern, so we did not heed to the warning (from the University) and flew back, catching the first flight available,” Says Anakha Santosh from Muthakunnam in Ernakulam who flew back from Odessa on 21st of this month.  Anakha is in her fifth year of medical studies in the Odessa Medical University. University.

Expressing her anguish over the University’s neglect of security of the students Anakha says, “The University should have advised us to leave for home when they knew the tension was escalating. Instead, the authorities insisted us to be there compromising our safety. They even threatened to expel us if we left Ukraine even if situation deteriorated.  Life is more precious to us, so we ignored the warning and left for home.”  However, she is worried of those “still stranded in Ukraine. I regularly call my friends there to get an update on their plight. They are worried of their safety. More than the stranded students, their parents back home are in unexplainable nightmare.”

Castigating the University for their “Irresponsible” Approach on the safety of the students another student who wants to be anonymous said, “due to the pandemic the university was online till 25th of this month. The war started on 24th and the University now wants to go offline. This sounds absurd.  Not just that, the University Dean is threatening to terminate us if we don’t stay back while the war is situation is worsening. They have little concern to our life.”

Meanwhile, news from Ukraine are not so encouraging.  Russia has intensified its aggression with missile assault. Ukraine force is trying to block the students from ‘fleeing’ the country.  Students cross over to neighboring countries like Poland, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, and Hungary are blocked at the respective boarders.  The stranded students fighting hostile weather are facing food shortage. They are unable to withdraw money from ATM, so facing problems in paying food bills and transportation costs. According to reports Government of India has dispatched a few aircrafts to ferry back its citizens, “but that is very little. Our immediate priority has to be to evacuate the students in distress.  Instead of statements of assurance, the governments should resort to concrete action to rescue the students and others from the war theater. First action then lecture.”

List of students (with passport number) from Kerala Stranded in Odessa is given below:

1 Febin Jacob Kerala P2694261


3 VIJAYAN SREEHARI Kerala P1906828

4 MATHEW BERYL Kerala P1162047

5 MATHEW ELDO Kerala M8151639

6 ANJU DAS Kerala P0950868

7 Mr. Shafi shahul Hameed Kerala N8204651

8 Ms. Reny Susan Regi Kerala N0715023

9 Ms. Sneha Susan Biju Kerala S3843282

10 Ms. Martha Honey Joseph Kerala N9940719

11 Ms. Anjitha Aji Kerala P0104169

12 Mr. Riyas Muhammed Kerala P2090147

13 SUPARNA RAJ Kerala P4090978

14 Mr. Sahal Manakal Hanis Kerala N8815015

15 JAYDEEP SREEJAYAN Kerala P2202884

16 Mr. Gokul Krishnan Parambil Thodiyil Kerala P1367554

17 Ms.Madhu Mary Varghese Kerala P2519425

18 Ms. Nimisha Chacko Kerala P1156802

19 Ms. Thahiya Thasleem Vadakketholakkara Sidhik Kerala P3994314

20 Mr. Mohammed Roshan Nisham Kerala P1370651

21 Mr. Andrews Shaji Kerala P2811334

22 Mr. Aravind Kothedathil Ramesan Kerala P4002962

23 Ms. Urmila Elukkaran Raman Kerala M735943

24 Mr. Basheer Valiyakath Moosa Kerala L3750720

25 Roshni Backer Kerala N2705900

26 Ms. Sagarika Jayanand Kerala P1016634

27 APARNA N SASI Kerala P1004794

28 ARCHANA ANAND Kerala P1370641

29 ASWATHY ARAVIND Kerala N0480426



32 SWATHY VIJAYAN Kerala P1614273

33 YADUPRIYA SIVAN Kerala P1280629

34 AJUS ANTONY Kerala P2090683


35 MOHAMED SIBIL Kerala P0917704

36 MEENA ISMAIL Kerala M7670036

37 HARSHITHA DAS Kerala Z3873584


39 RENJITHA G P Kerala P4086433

40 Aakhil Palayamkotte Ibrahim Kerala P4059594

41 Mohammad Faraz Mishal Kerala L6607032

42 GOPIKA SURESH Kerala N2606014

43 SHEFEEDUE K Kerala N3367687

44 SIBIN SAJAN Kerala N8196181

45 MOHAMMED RASHID Kerala V7768347


47 Divya Prabhakaran Kerala P1605471

48 ATHIRA BINOY Kerala P3991294

49 NITHIN FRANCIS Kerala P0422173

50 Samburaj Kerala P0245941

51 arjun chandran Kerala P4005952

52 ROJI ROY Kerala U0236865

53 Jeswin jose kerala M9290583

54 ASIF ALI Kerala R0954614

55 AKSHAY RAJENDRAN Kerala R0525645

56 AKSHAY M Kerala P9856367

57 HASANUL FAIES Kerala M3209534

58 NOUSHAD AKBAR SHAH Kerala R0951982

59 ANJALY VARGHESE Kerala R1473198

60 APARNA VENUGOPAL Kerala R3215732

61 AMITHA R Kerala N8199470

62 NANDU AJITH Kerala N9240674

63 ALBIN JOSE Kerala R0975025

64 SUSBIN JOSEPH Kerala R3306313

65 MOHAMMAD AJAS Kerala R1994233

67 KIRAN KISHORE Kerala Z5393379

68 ASHIK NOORUDEEN Kerala R1995466

69 JACK WALTER Kerala R1994943

70 RICHIE FRANCIS Kerala M4124914


71 Akhil Bernard Kerala R1467216

72 Allen Benny Kerala P9893844

73 Allen Toms Varghese Kerala M1358136

74 Anand Sanker Pachadikkavil Raghu Kerala R1467537

75 Anikethan Iyar Mulleria Kerala P9894914

76 Avril Patricia Bernard Kerala P4115939

78 Feba Elsa Mathew Kerala L9757398

79 Gautham Prasad Kerala R1472116

80 Justin Pius Kerala P7917830

81 Krishna Veni Rathnakaran Nair Kerala R0350172

82 Lavanya Ambika Kumari Bhasi Kumaran Nair Kerala R1503591

83 Mathews Paulose Kerala R1460547

84 Ozia Varghese Kerala L4536480

85 Preetha Ann Varghese Kerala M5259028

86 Rogy Naduvathettu Thomas Kerala R0952164

87 Shyam Kumar Sunil Kumar Kerala P5413619

88 Sumel Aby Paul Kerala R3306043

89 Siva Priya Jayasankar Kerala P9129084

90 Vandana Jesto Kerala R0533367

91 Vysali Methassery Viswan Kerala P9137309

92 Mohsin Shamshad Siddiqul Akbar Kerala R1132541

93 Abdul Jaleel Ajmalshah Kerala N6710186

94 Maliyekkal Rajendran Sivaprasad Kerala R0448641

95 Kandanamparambil Henry Dazzle Agnel Kerala R0946532

96 Mohandas Mohit Kerala R1996751

97 Chandramangalam Sanalkumar Ananthamurthy Kerala R1998305

98 Mathyari Greeshma Kerala S7715400

99 Kodayirath Sasidharan Malavika Kerala P7570014

100 Sasi Akash Kerala Z3785891

101 Prasobhan Nair Ashirvad Kerala R3091212

102 Ahmed Naufal Kerala R0380829

103 Roshan Jolly Rohith Kerala R1984873

104 Ramachandran Aromal Kerala R0364627

105 Santhosh Kumar Sumam Krishna Moorthy Kerala R3223298

106 Kammara Sivadas Bimal Dev Kerala P0812760

107 Kakkadavath Puthiyapurayil Shahanas Kerala R03895343

108 Menon Gokul Thattat Kerala R0951971

109 WAFA S. FASALUDEEN Kerala R3083093

110 MISHA UTHAMAN Kerala R3089188

111 ANJANA SHAJU Kerala Z4138020

112 LEON ABRAHAM MATHEW Kerala U0369535


114 SOORAJ SURESHKUMAR Kerala R3323536

115 athulya kappadan Kerala R0374668

116 ahana fathima Kerala R0396867

117 gayathri gopi Kerala P6556440

118 manjima mg Kerala R3231035

119 allen joy Kerala R3323752

120 DEVIKA RAJ Kerala U0085174

121 AISWARYA RAVINDRAN Kerala R3537204

122 JEEPA JP Kerala R1998959

123 hisham mooppan Kerala R0788952

124 Abdul rahiman kutty Hafees R3512676

125 antony mishal Kerala R4913124

126 Ealias Jerin Kerala S2038196

127 Pooja purushothaman Kerala R0523260

128 abhirami ajay Kerala S2051924

129 Archana thomas Kerala R0964218

130 Aleena varghese Kerala R3522185

131 Millen ann saji Kerala S5002953

132 Arathy sheeja madhu Kerala R9041751

133 Antony thomas Kerala R8048493

134 Abhijith hari nair Kerala S0049884

135 Joel Philip babu Kerala R1445502

136 Arun vijay Kerala V8759283

137 Rahul Ts Kerala P4775101

138 Muhammed Fawas Kerala R5065775

139 Aakhil Hakkim Kerala S2924672

140 meenakshi m nair Kerala P0249929

141 Amala charley Kerala S19006344

142 Arsha ashok Kerala S4196023

143 Anupama M Kerala S2929498

144 Simiya R Kerala S4993729

145 Jennifer Rose Rajesh Kerala P5413689

146 Amitha john Kerala S1901145

147 Nandini arun Kerala R9102764

148 Riswana rahim Kerala S4183099

149 Gopika murali Kerala S4195226

150 Anjaly sajan Kerala S4196673

151 Jaiby Venmmallotte john Kerala R9038046

152 Santra rachel oomen Kerala S2922679

153 Sobha kumar akshay Kerala S3410240

154 Persis mariam koshy Kerala S1902707

155 varghese Hridhya Kerala S5021224

156 Sasmith santhosh Kerala R3530612

157 Rumana Muhammed Kerala N8268027

158 Unaiz bin usman Kerala R5056713

159 Glinda rose vincent Kerala S5024154

160 Abdul sathar sithara Kerala S4178750

161 Ruth mary reji Kerala T5331002

162 Mathews Johnson Kerala S4188224

163 Debin mathews Kerala U0368785

164 Harikrishnan Thekkot Venu Kerala S4192628

165 Mirzad karim Kerala T6481817

166 shajahan mohammed firoz Kerala S4186230

167 Udaya shanan miller Kerala S0839590

168 Victor manoharan dishan Kerala S1890696

169 Victor manoharan dishon Kerala S1891033

170 Tobin koshy Kerala S5118876

171 Pingle miriam noah Kerala S4082848

172 Karumathy Ouseph Richard Kerala S4183868

173 Thomas mariyam kesiya Kerala P0249216

174 Susheelan sreedep krishna Kerala S1899809

175 Santhosh jaysree vineesh Kerala S1188208

176 Gopan sandra Kerala S1889628

177 Pradeep kumar nishandh Kerala S190016355

178 Jayshankar adithya Kerala

179 Sneha mohan Kerala S0850182

180 Vishnu Vijayan Kerala S3124418

181 Amrin rafeek Kerala R0526457

182 Minnu Antony Kerala S4187371

183 Asma r Kerala R6076182

184 Salimsha alifsha Kerala M5742695

185 Mammulayil nazar sufnas Kerala S5001218

186 Goodwin wilson Kerala U0122314

187 Subbaih Dharshana Kerala S3516465

188 Abhirami Rajesh Kerala R6089108

189 Neelima padmanabhan. Kerala S2922181

190 Sreerop sreekumaran Kerala S5159162

191 Aleena George Kerala S5017133

192 Akshaya shaji Kerala S5004572

193 Mohammed ajmal Kerala S6937836

194 Yaseen Kerala L6698196

195 Vikraman pillai Akhil krishna Kerala S5164412

196 Ligitta abraham Kerala R3307309

197 jishnu unni Kerala N8269404

198 Joseph emmanuel Kerala R0956243

199 Joy jeena Kerala S4163168

200 Divakar aathira Kerala N3261864

201 Dominic yesudas Kerala Z4823189

202 Navneet kakkoth Kerala S0101965

203 Kevin thomas Kerala S5883578

204 Jojitha lalu Kerala S5034718

205 Lijith saji varughese Kerala T9208188

206 Abhijith m sidharthan Kerala S5041623

207 Nabeel mukri k Kerala P8103170

208 Pradhan shreejana Kerala S1287363

209 Priscilla deepak Kerala U8144074

210 Sarga preetha sam Kerala S1197803

211 Rose gargi Kerala S3406827

212 Aswathi sethunathan pillai Kerala R9045750

213 Sara Saju Kerala S 50232916

214 Akash ajayan Kerala N8683129

215 Nellore Monika Kerala R4570221

216 Mohammad siyam Kerala N0690691

217 M P shikhil Kerala R3527082

218 Aby Jacob TT Kerala M8327760

219 Anu Anna TT Kerala N6157018

220 Sauban mohammed sadique Kerala N5122795

221 Ashna PS Kerala R3306669

222 Antony sonu Kerala R2903749

223 Mufeed muneer mpp Kerala R0349268

224 Albin antony Kerala R1133474

225 Nasrin nasar Kerala R1996521

226 Vismaya Rajeev P Kerala K8714993

227 Mohammed Naufal Kerala R0542596

228 Jeffrin K V Kerala R1153685

229 Mohammed Sadique Kerala P7461687

230 Midilaj Kerala L4521924

231 Lovely Diaz Kerala R3516462

232 Sagara sabu Kerala N2958053

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