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Union Home Secretary Warns Security Threats Arising From New Technologies

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New Delhi: Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla has warned of the security threats arising from new technologies in today’s times. Addressing a gathering on the occasion of the 38th raising day of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Services (BCAS) here today, Mr Bhalla said that now new technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Global Positioning System (GPS) jamming, drones and cyber threats are creating more trouble.

He emphasized the need for collective efforts to ensure security and directed BCAS to stay updated with new technologies. He further highlighted that the aviation sector in the country is witnessing rapid growth and it will be going to set a record in the year 2024. He said it is necessary to ensure that any quantitative increase in the aviation infrastructure does not lead to dilution of the security system. During the event, the Home Secretary also presented the batches and awards to BCAS officers in different categories.

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