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Unveiling Copper’s Potential: Exploring the Science of Copper Water Purification

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By Vijender Reddy Muthyala, CEO, DrinkPrime

Do you use Copper vessels at home to serve and consume food/beverages? Even if you don’t, you must have come across Copper vessels in your grandparents’ or relatives’ kitchens! Copper was one of the earliest metals to be used by humans and is considered sacred in many cultures. Copper water is not some recent health fad that has been purported by a plethora of social media articles. It is a ritual that has been practiced by generations of our ancestors following ayurvedic principles and is still a prevalent practice in many households. Consuming water which is stored in a copper vessel for eight hours is believed to have multiple health benefits and is said to balance the three doshas – kapha, pitta and vata in our body. With such a historic background, it is only natural that copper found its way into the water purification industry.

The importance of Copper-infused water

Copper is a trace mineral and your body needs it in minimal quantities for functions like production of energy, increasing red blood cell count, development of brain and heart tissues, etc. Copper-infused water is believed to be antibacterial in nature and storing water in Copper vessels is said to  kill contaminated diarrhoeagenic bacteria. The proponents of Copper water believe that it has multiple health benefits ranging from weight loss and improved digestion to healing arthritis and boosting immunity.

Copper water purification systems

Active Copper in water refers to the presence of Copper ions which can have a positive effect on the water quality. The active Copper technology in the water purifiers suffuses the purified RO water with Copper ions, thereby, increasing their quality while it is mixed with all the advantages of traditional Copper water purification.

Here are some benefits:

The traditional system of infusing Copper into water for eight hours is both time consuming and impractical in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The advanced water purifiers with Copper technology charges your water with Copper in real time making it convenient.

Unlike traditional systems where the amount of Copper infused in a glass of water is dependent on a lot of variable factors like age of the vessel, size, water quality, etc., water purifiers come with advanced dosing features. These unique cartridges ensure infusion of the correct amount of Copper ions each time you use it.

Copper deficiency can cause multiple health issues like anaemia, osteoporosis, etc.  and switching to Copper-charged water purifier may help address these issues, along with ensuring the best water quality.

Copper, with its antimicrobial properties, helps to make water cleaner. It also improves the taste and odour so that you can have clean, safe and refreshing water each time.

The Copper technology reduces the need for other chemical treatments making the water purifier more eco friendly and sustainable in the long run.

The Copper parts in the water purifier are sturdy and corrosion resistant. This ensures longevity of the device, while ensuring cost savings and lesser maintenance efforts on your part.

The Copper vessels used to store water develop a greenish tinge, which is difficult to clean and is hazardous to health if not sanitised properly. The water purifiers come with an intelligent auto cleaning function which cleans the Copper and delivers a fresh glass of water each time.

When used traditionally, Copper purification by itself, despite its many benefits may not be competent enough to ensure that you get access to contaminant free water. Combining it with advanced water purification processes like RO and UV, allows you to enjoy the health benefits of Copper water without the additional hassles and worry about the quality of water. It’s like having the cake and eating it too!

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