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UP Police Seize Several Bachpan Uniforms After Detaining a Couple for Copyright Violations

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New Delhi, 5th September 2022:  Last Saturday, the Uttar Pradesh Police carried out a raid and seized some Bachpan uniforms close to Jagatpura, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where a couple was detained for violating trademark infringements and copyright laws. The husband-and-wife pair had been operating the uniform store where they were involved in passing off and copyright violations.

Bachpan Play School, which is a primary brand of S.K Education Ltd., was informed of the promptly. Bachpan is the nation’s leading playschool provider and has garnered several accolades from everyone in the country.

Mr. Narender Kumar Jain, CFO, S.K Education Pvt Ltd. commented, “Everyone at S.K. Education has put in their whole-hearted efforts to make the brand reach such a pedestal, and it is our duty to provide comfort and gratitude to our franchisees, assurance of quality and well-established standards to the parents, and love to our students.”

In addition to thanking the UP Police, the playschool provider emphasised that the incident served as a warning. The school also intends to take the appropriate actions to safeguard its reputation and uphold the standards.

“We are waiting for further information in order to take the next steps. However, we can only pray that the violators are caught and that appropriate criminal action is taken against such violators, “added Mr. Narender Kumar Jain.

The UP Police also discovered some registers and diaries that had the names, phone numbers, and other information of prospective accomplices; they intend to use these materials to dismantle the entire network suspected of committing this infringement.

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