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Vegas Mall organises Youth Fest and Lohri celebrations at the year’s beginning

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New Delhi:In an effort to celebrate youth’s accomplishments and inspire them to adopt a cogent fitness roadmap, Vegas Mall organised an event called ‘You Matter’ on 13th January, in which a series of fitness activities were held for a crowd capacity of around 300 people.

These included Health Fitness Games, Zumba Sessions, and Bhangra Workshops, which were attended by 2500 fitness enthusiasts. Several health and wellness-based discussions were also held to teach people about the upsides of fitness diets, control of junk and fast food, exercises and bust myths and misconceptions about fitness.

Ms Shabina Kundial, a certified Zumba fitness expert, became a household name after Big Boss graced the You Matter event as the special guest and youth ambassador. She related with the youth and talked about her career’s ups and downs, highs and lows. The event also had Nukkad Nataks on socially burning topics. The youth participants talked about youngsters’ social and mental well-being against distress and trauma.

The efforts and achievements of youngsters were venerated at the event. The purpose was also to channelise the youth’s power and energy towards constructive and productive work and better opportunities. You Matter was a noble initiative by Vegas Mall directed towards youth empowerment and awareness, which also had entertainment activities as a crust to the event.

Towards the evening, the festivities of Lohri began with the classic Lohri style by the Bhangra troupe, Gidda, and Dhol, playing and performing by a Punjabi band. The theme-based Lohri decor was resplendent. The menu was curated on the Punjabi theme, with items like Sarso ka saag, Makke ki roti, and Khullad chai presented to the crowds. The bonfire rituals were also organised to give a fitting close to the Lohri celebrations.

Ravinder Choudhary, Assistant Vice President, Vegas Mall, said, “It is imperative to connect with the youth. The young population is the future of our country. Through ‘You Matter’, Vegas tried to break the glass ceiling by connecting youth with fitness and opening their minds to new ways of fitness and acquiring self-discipline. The visitors equally enjoyed the Lohri celebrations. They danced to to the beats of Gidda and Bhangra. The bonfire rituals and Punjabi delicacies were equally relished by the mall visitors.”

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