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VNH Naidu Hall Celebrates Record-Breaking Success of 2024 Women’s Day Campaign with LogicLoop

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Chennai: VNH Naidu Hall, the esteemed legacy brand synonymous with women’s apparel in Tamil Nadu, is thrilled to announce its unprecedented success in its 2024 Women’s Day Campaign. Partnering with Logicloop, a leading performance marketing agency, VNH Naidu Hall embarked on an ambitious journey to amplify its business outcomes within a mere three days. Thus, thanks to a carefully planned week-long sponsored marketing campaign on Google and Meta platforms, bolstered by extensive online buzz from influencers, the brand has witnessed a surge in footfall to its showrooms in Tamil Nadu.    

Shattering all the previous records, the brand has witnessed a remarkable rise in online sales and engagement this year. Compared to the previous year’s campaign, VNH Naidu Hall’s 2024 campaign has experienced an extraordinary 300% increase in website visitors, coupled with an impressive 80% rise in total orders. RenoHwned for capturing the essence of elegance in its products, VNH Naidu Hall has cemented its position as the go-to brand for women’s innerwear, catering to the diverse preferences of different generations.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Mr. Mayank Vora, Director and Co-founder of Logicloop, said, “We outdid our own records by achieving 10 times our usual sales target for Naidu Hall in this year’s Women’s Day campaigns. From assisting in their social media content generation, to delivering ROI focused marketing campaigns for Naidu Hall, our objective has always been to tap into each opportunity and transform it into a success story for Logicloop and a spectacular milestone for the brand.”

Emphasizing the importance of authenticity in their marketing endeavor, Ms. Nandhini Narasimman, Vice President of VNH Naidu Hall, said,  “In this digital age, where authenticity has begun to blur, we always prefer to keep it real in our campaigns with testimonials, reviews and videos of our own community, shopping in our showrooms, enjoying the experience of our products. Logicloop, our agency partners, have understood our core values and the brand’s sentiment behind keeping it absolutely authentic for our audience. By capturing real content from our showrooms, Logicloop has been spearheading our customer shoots on ground, adding a touch of genuinity and trust, across the length and breadth of our social media platforms. Along this partnership, we have, in turn, propelled exceptional results in a very short span of time i.e. between 8th and 10th of March, through the digital marketing efforts centered around Women’s Day 2024.”

Refraining from employing other discount gimmicks throughout the year, the brand has strategically leveraged significant events such as the Thankversary Sale and Women’s Day Flash Sale. This targeted strategy has exposed the brand to its loyal consumer base, who values the company’s dedication to authenticity.

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