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Voting on all 230 seats in Madhya Pradesh in a single phase on November 17

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Bhopal: Election campaign for the Assembly Elections is in full swing in Madhya Pradesh. Star campaigners of all parties are putting in full force even during the festival. Voting will be held on all 230 seats in Madhya Pradesh in a single phase on November 17.

Finance Minister and senior BJP leader Nirmala Sitharaman today said, the BJP government has taken Madhya Pradesh out of BIMARU status and put it on the path of development. Talking to the media in Indore, she said BJP’s effort is to include the state in the category of developed states soon. She said that all the efforts being made for infrastructure development will provide facilities to the citizens and speed up the industries in the state.

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand said, wherever there is a BJP government, the youth are unemployed. He addressed a Congress rally in Satna today. He said, along with the youth, BJP has also brought small traders onto the roads through GST.  He said that GST is not a tax but it is a weapon against small traders and farmers. 

Samajwadi Party MP Dimple Yadav, who came to campaign in Niwari district, expressed confidence that the Samajwadi Party is contesting the elections well and in the coming time, it will expand in Madhya Pradesh.

Leaders of BSP, AAP and other parties are also holding rallies and meetings today.

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