vr Local, to sanitize all Hyderabad police stations & vehicles

Hyderabad: Recognizing the tremendous effort, spirit and contribution the city police have made in the fight against COVID19, vrLocal, a fast growing on demand services platform, announced their commitment to help sanitize Hyderabad City Police vehicles and stations as a small way of showing their gratitude to the police force. The initiative would involve weekly disinfection, sanitization and cleaning of 63 law & order stations, 26 traffic stations and 564 police vehicles across the next 15 weeks. Team Sai, a youth volunteer network based out of Hyderabad will assist vrLocal in this cause.

This initiative by vrLocal and Team Sai was announced in presence of the police fraternity and the vrLocal team this week, and the execution will be rolled out immediately. Speaking on the initiative, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner IPS Anjani Kumar opined, “Tough times create natural leaders. I am very proud of my entire force that has done everything in its power to keep this great city moving forward. The fact that corporate leaders are playing their role in providing assistance to us reinforces our belief that we are working towards the same goal. I thank vrLocal and Abhishek for their thoughtful initiative that will keep us safe and sound while on the job. I also would like to thank Team Sai and P M Sai Prasad for the work undertaken by them throughout the pandemic.”

“Along with other frontline workers, the tremendous job our police forces have done have helped keep us and our families safe day and night. We cannot thank them enough, and this is just a small contribution to ensure their safety and well being. We hope to contribute in many ways going forward as our commitment to our community,” said Sai Abhishek Rayarao, Founder & CEO, vrLocal.

With its focus on health and hygiene, vrLocal continues its commitment to ensure it extends its support to the communities it works amongst and in the country’s continued fight against the pandemic.

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