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Water-Tech startup Swajal refreshes its brand identity

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New Delhi: Swajal, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled global Water-Tech startup, has recently rebranded itself as ‘Boon’, following its expansion into major international markets. Boon will reflect the brand’s philosophy of celebrating water as a blessing. 

Boon is the brainchild of Dr Vibha Tripathi and Advait Kumar who ventured into this space because, while water is very critical to life, it has been frequently taken for granted, often incorrectly.  Boon has headquarters in Singapore for easy access to ASEAN markets and holds manufacturing and R&D centers in India. Boon’s in-house research team has developed and patented IoT platform Clairvoyant. Clairvoyant is one of the world’s first and most advanced dedicated platforms for online streaming data on the quality of drinking water. The startup has enabled several eminent hotel chains and offices to do away with plastic bottles from their premises through this innovative technology.

Following its rebranding, the company will continue to focus on a robust business model while creating a significant impact by technology and design innovation. Boon is looking forward to introducing disruptive, novel products and technologies in the drinking water space. The brand will stay true to its core fundamentals of providing extensive experience and clean drinking water at an affordable price to its wide array of customers. Speaking on the milestone, Advait Kumar, the Co-founder of Boon, said, “progressing with Boon’s core focus, we are proactively working with our hospitality and corporate partners to make plastic water entirely a thing of the past. Water in plastic bottles is not just harmful to the environment but also terrible for our health due to microplastic leeching in our bodies. We are currently removing about 1 million plastic bottles daily and hope to scale that to 50 million plastic bottles worldwide daily in 5 years.”

Commenting on the rebranding, Vibha Tripathi, the founder promoter of Boon, said, “At Boon, we always intend to bring one-stop solutions to two significant prevailing problems- eliminate the usage of plastic water bottles and give best quality water to all our clients. Boon, according to us, is all about empowering people to control their choice of water quality. Over the last few years, we have harnessed the power of technology to introduce our range of innovative water purifiers and serviced people from top to bottom of the pyramid and our team is now working toward launching exciting technologies that would make water and purification more accessible and transparent.”

The noble initiative of Boon has enabled the company to secure funding from the TDB (Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology) and garner support from significant international institutions like REEEP, UNDP, UNIDO, and WWF. 

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