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Welspun Group’s Flooring Division receives Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award in Building Materials Sector

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Hyderabad: Welspun Group’s Flooring Division (Welspun Flooring Limited), a leading global manufacturer of innovative flooring solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent achievement at the 24th International Conference on Environment Management and Climate Change. The event, organized by the prestigious Institute of Directors (IOD), in Bengaluru. WFL was honored with the highly coveted Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award in the Building Materials Sector.

The Golden Peacock Awards are renowned for recognizing organizations that demonstrate exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability and drive innovation in their respective industries. This prestigious accolade is a testament to WFL’s unwavering dedication to creating eco-friendly solutions that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Welspun Group’s Flooring Division received the Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award for its groundbreaking development of the Ultra Soft Yarn, which is used in the production of soft flooring materials. This innovative yarn not only offers superior comfort and luxury but is also manufactured using sustainable practices that minimize its environmental impact. By combining cutting-edge technology with a strong focus on sustainability, WFL has revolutionized the soft flooring industry and set new benchmarks for eco-innovation.

“We are incredibly honoured to receive the Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award in the Building Materials Sector,” said Mr. Utpal Haldar, Plant Head – WFL, Welspun Group’s Flooring Division. “This prestigious recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainability and our relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. We firmly believe that businesses must play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges, and we are proud to be at the forefront of eco-innovation in the flooring industry.”

WFL’s Ultra Soft Yarn is a result of extensive research and development efforts, driven by a passionate team of experts committed to creating sustainable products without compromising on quality or comfort. The yarn’s production process incorporates eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, reducing waste generation and minimizing the overall carbon footprint.

The Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award serves as a powerful acknowledgment of WFL’s dedication to environmental stewardship and reinforces the company’s position as an industry leader in sustainable flooring solutions. Welspun Group’s Flooring Division remains committed to pushing the boundaries of eco-innovation and will continue to prioritize sustainability in all its endeavours.

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