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WhizCo Partners With Blackberrys to Unveil Captivating Augmented Reality Filter for Cricket World Cup

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New Delhi: In a remarkable stride towards innovation, WhizCo, India’s premier influencer marketing agency in India, continues to redefine possibilities by venturing into the realm of augmented reality. In collaboration with Blackberrys, a renowned menswear brand, WhizCo has introduced a fascinating AR filter named “Cheer for India” tailored for the Cricket World Cup, 2023.

The primary objective behind “Cheer For India” was to deeply resonate with the passionate Indian cricket fanbase, transforming their way of showing support for Team India. Concurrently, the collaboration aimed to establish a formidable brand identity for Blackberrys as the official clothing partner of this highly anticipated sporting event.

WhizCo’s proficient AR Development team dedicated itself to developing an immersive and interactive 4-in-1 AR filter. “Cheer For India” is not merely an Instagram AR filter, but an engaging game that celebrates India’s love for Cricket. The filter’s first frame lets users feel the cricketing spirit as they hold a bat and don a helmet. In the second frame, they raise a slogan-bearing placard for spirited selfies. Frame three transforms’ users into press conference stars, holding a trophy and delivering champion speeches into virtual microphones, while the fourth frame adds patriotic flair with the Indian tricolour on users’ faces, perfect for capturing patriotic selfies or sharing heartfelt messages for Team India. The 4-in-1 AR Filter enables users to have an on-field experience and showcase their enthusiasm in a fun and engaging way.

This creative initiative reflects Blackberrys and WhizCo’s dedication to delivering captivating and innovative augmented reality experiences that deeply resonate with the audience.

Prerna Goel, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at WhizCo, conveyed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “The collaboration with Blackberrys has been an exhilarating journey for us. Our team’s dedication and ingenuity ensured the seamless execution of this AR filter venture.” She further added, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Blackberrys, a renowned menswear brand, and take pride in contributing to their endeavour to extend their reach to a wider audience”

In the words of Blackberrys, “The ‘Cheer For India’ AR filter is a remarkable testament to our partnership with WhizCo and our collective commitment to redefining the way fans express their support for Team India in the digital landscape. Through this innovative filter, we’ve not only aimed to deeply resonate with the passionate Indian cricket fanbase but also to establish a powerful brand identity for Blackberrys as the official wardrobe partner of Star Sports Cricket Live for the much-anticipated Cricket season.” – Rajesh Sethuraman, VP- Brand Experience, Blackberrys.

As a frontrunner in the influencer marketing and creator management sphere, WhizCo boasts a vast network of over 100,000 content creators. spanning more than 15 categories and 12 languages. The agency’s foray into augmented reality opens new avenues for brands to enhance their engagement strategies. WhizCo’s entrance into this innovative space mirrors its commitment to fostering creativity and building meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

In a digital landscape marked by constant evolution, WhizCo’s pioneering venture into augmented reality with The “Cheer For India” AR filter stands as a testament to WhizCo’s dedication tos innovation and its remarkable success in merging technology and emotion to craft a truly immersive experience.

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