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Woman kills husband and mother-in-law

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GUWAHATI : In a shocking case, a woman allegedly killed her husband and mother-in-law and put the body parts in the refrigerator in Guwahati’s Noonmati area. According to reports, the incident came to light on February 19, 7 months after the brutal murder of the two, when the accused Bandana Kalita confessed to the crime. Guwahati Police Commissioner Digant Bora said that like the Shraddha murder case in Delhi, a murder case in Assam has shocked everyone. Where a woman first killed her husband and mother-in-law and then chopped their bodies into pieces and kept them in the fridge. The horrific incident came to light late on Sunday (February 19), nearly seven months after the murder. The incident took place in Guwahati’s Noonmati area.

 It is being told in the incident that this horrific incident was carried out by the accused woman Bandana Kalita and her lover together. He has reportedly confessed to the heinous crime, police said. According to preliminary investigation, the accused first killed the mother-son duo. Then cut the bodies into pieces and put the body parts in the fridge. Three days after the incident, the accused dumped the body parts of her husband Amarjyoti Dey and mother-in-law Shankari Dey near Dawki in Meghalaya bordering Bangladesh, police said. Bandana Kalita’s boyfriend Arup Deka and another accomplice Dhanjeet Deka had allegedly helped Bandana in committing the crime. Both the deceased were reported missing since August 2022.

 The Nunmati police have arrested the three accused and are currently interrogating them to ascertain the body parts and tools used in the crime. According to police sources, Kalita’s neighbours confirmed that they had seen her burning furniture on the terrace of her house. Kalita’s two friends, Arup Deka and Dhanjeet Deka, have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the murder. Neighbours aware of the incident were shocked and confirmed that the accused, Bandana Kalita, had come to clean the house last year and saw her burning a bed and other clothes on the terrace.The accused Bandana Kalita and her two accomplices Arup Deka and Dhanjeet Deka are now in the custody of Nunmati police in Guwahati. At present, the police is investigating the case and trying to find out the motive behind the murder.

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