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Yog Mahotsav campaign ‘Har Dil Dhyan, Har Din Dhyan’

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Hyderabad: Heartfulness held a press conference to announce an upcoming three-day Yog Mahotsav campaign called ‘Har Dil Dhyan, Har Din Dhyan’ that will be organised by Heartfulness in association with the Ministry of Culture at Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad between 17-19 February. The campaign is aimed at promoting the benefits of Yoga and Meditation among youth, corporates and governmental bodies. 

The Yog Mahotsav has four themes viz., 1. Anxiety 2. Weight management 3. Hypertension and 4. Diabetes dedicated to each day respectively. Arrangements are being made for 10000 participants that will include students (mainly college-goers) and corporates. Anyone above 15 years of age can join. Chairs are being provided for elderly or those who have ailments. The three-day event starts on 17 Feb between 5-6.30 pm on Anxiety followed by Day 2 event at 8-10AM on Weight Management & 5-6.30PM on Hypertension. The programme closes on Day 3 with a session on Diabetes between 8-10AM. 

Each Yoga session will be followed by Heartfulness meditation. While there is no virtual participation, there will be live streaming. The participation is free as well. 

Shri Srinivas Goud – Hon’ble Minister of Prohibition & Excise, Sports & Youth services, Tourism & Culture and Archaeology of Telangana said, “Today the entire world people have begun to understand the relevance of Yoga. We are fortunate that our motherland India is the birthplace of Yoga. Shri Ram Chandra Mission played a pivotal role by enabling millions of people to practice Yoga and spread it across the world. The three-days Yog Mahotsav campaign at LB Stdium is being beautifully launched by Rev. Daaji (Shri Kamlesh Patel). He had earlier too hosted a global suryanamaskar campaign wherein the likes of Baba Ramdev alongside Ministry of Health and I had the fortune of making a presence. Today Heartfulness is beginning a series of 75 Yog Mahotsav campaign beginning from Hyderabad’s LB Stadium. Only sound health permits better sports, better academics and other activities. Healthy thoughts come from healthy body. Immunity power also develops through yoga. Sportsman, youth and those from all walks of life must take up yoga. All it requires 15 minutes devoted practice of yoga for your own wellbeing.”

Shri Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’, Guide of Heartfulness Meditation Worldwide said, “Yog and Meditation must go hand in hand if you want to get the full benefit of them. People need to understand that yoga is much more than just physical exercise. It is also a way of connecting with the inner selves. Heartfulness meditation through Prananhuti takes it one step ahead. It gives you an easy access to the inner journey. I am very happy that the Ministry of Culture and the Telangana Govt. have come forward to support us in this initiative that will see a participation of almost 10000 people.”

Shri Pullela Gopichand, ace Indian Badminton Coach said, “We have a great mediation centre right in Hyderabad. The man behind this is Shri Kamlesh Patel fondly called Daaji who transformed the once barren land by putting lakhs of saplings. He has brought hope into many lives. Fitness and health have taken a precedence especially after covid. The Govt. of India is celebrating the 75 years of Azadi ka Amrit Mahostsav. Let us celebrate it with Yoga. For the first time in LB Stadium we are bringing the Yoga festivities coinciding with the 75th glorious years of India’s independence to make Yoga beneficial for all. He added a few words on the latest book by ‘Daaji’ – The Wisdom Bridge saing, “He has beautifully woven in an understanding of balancing both the material and spiritual aspects of life. The last three years I have met him Daaji has always come across as a calm person despite all the chaos outside – it is a great association I have had with him.”

Registration for the event can be done on 

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