6 Gold Jewellery pieces from Kalyan Jewellers to accompany that perfect Karva Chauth Sargi

Call it the love for their partner or a tradition, one of the most special occasions for all women across North India is KarvaChauth. On this auspicious day, women get all decked up with the solahshringar, looking like a beautiful bride to celebrate this day-long fast as a symbol of conjunct love. However, there is one aspect of this observance that hardly gets noticed, that being sargi.It isn’t just about the pre-dawn meal consumed in the wee hours of the morning, it is about a mother-in-law’s love and blessings in the form of gifts for her daughter-in-law that not only fulfils the ritual but cements the relationship between the two.

This KarvaChauth, Kalyan Jewellers has lined up 6 jewellery picks that have been articulately designed and specially curated as per your desires. The hue of henna-dyed hands, associated with devotion, energy, love and strength, the combination of precious stones and gold is the perfect pick for a mother-in-law or husband to gift the daughter-in-law or wife for sargi.

Special occasions like Karva Chauth call for exceptional jewellery. Elegant and exclusive, this intricately designed ring filled with a red precious stone at its core is sure to get noticed!

The nature-inspired jewellery set with gold petals along with the jhumka style danglings and red precious stones is the perfect piece to gift your loved one this Karva Chauth.

A distinctive style of embedding gemstones of red along with white pearls and an elephant nestled in the pendant and earrings. This pair of jewellery is a beautiful blend of subtly and elegance.

With these conversation starters on, you are sure to be the center of attention this Karva Chauth celebrations.

Flora and fauna have a very strong significance in the culture and minds of people.

This beautifully crafted long haar with rubies and dull gold finish is truly a masterpiece, complimented by floral shaped earrings is a mix of modern and vintage design.

This beautiful traditional Rajasthan inspired jewellery with precious stones on gold with intricate designs of flowers.
This unique jewellery set with white pearl strands brings out the classic and inner beauty in yourself. Pair this royal jewellery set with an elegant saree this Karva Chauth

The bold and unique design of this heavyweight cuff bracelet is inspired by the pillars of the royal darbars (courts) from ancient times.

The rubies and emeralds embedded form the floral design which makes the piece look more effervescent, youthful and vibrant. This bangle is all that you need in your ethnic wardrobe.

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