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Aaiena announced one day holiday for its team members ahead of Kota Factory season 2 premiere on Netflix

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New Delhi: Riding the wave of immersive OTT experience prevalent these days, Aaiena, an Indian-led tech company, announced a full day off for its team members on the occasion of release of much awaited Kota Factory Season 2.

The management took the decision amidst the rising enthusiasm for the series amongst the team members. Taking into account the concept of team welfare seriously, the organization made the conscious decision to allow some quality time where the team players could break free from the monotony of daily chaos and relax to rejuvenate their energy and charm by indulging in a back to back series spree.

On the occasion, Sakshi Chhapolia, the CEO of Aaiena said, “Team members are very vital assets of the organization. Abiding by the aspirations of the company, it is they who drive the wheels and take the company forward. Hence, it is our responsibility and duty as conscious managers to consider the team welfare seriously. The holiday is not just the occasion to binge watch the second season of Kota Factory but it is also for team members to take a break from their otherwise busy schedule.”

Considering that the team players work efficiently throughout the year towards the goal of the organization, the break will help them resume work after the weekend with great enthusiasm and vigour. It will refresh their mood and be the source of their good humour and elevated spirits.

This move taken by most of the companies nowadays has proved to render an inclusive and progressive office culture that accommodates the leisure and recreation of the team members.

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