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Aishwarya Rajesh in conversation with Art of Living’s Ravishankar

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   Chennai: Packed with intriguing anecdotes on life, COLORS Tamil is all set to present an engaging conversation between Global Humanitarian Sri Sri Ravishankar and acclaimed actress Aishwarya Rajesh on this week’s episode of Sinthanaigal Simplified. As Aishwarya Rajesh opens up about enduring several challenges in her journey of becoming a successful actor, the lively conversation takes interesting paths with Gurudev’s insights. Tune into COLORS Tamil on Sunday 11th October 2020 at 11:00 AM to witness a cheerful conversation unravel in this week’s Sinthanaigal Simplified with Gurudev. Here are three reasons to get you geared up for the show.

Healing Mother Earth: Aishwarya Rajesh jump starts the conversation by opening up to Gurudev about the several struggles and hurdles faced in her journey as an actor. Drawing parallel to this, she further sought Gurudev’s advice on how every crisis is an opportunity to heal and further engages in an intriguing discussion of how the pandemic itself has presented itself as an opportunity for Mother Earth to heal itself. As Gurudev speaks about the various ways in which Earth and its elements are endeavouring hard to restore themselves, he urges people all over the world staying to work hand-in-hand to avoid contamination of COVID-19.

Guidelines for successful relationships: An interesting conversation between Aishwarya Rajesh and Gurudev takes an alluring path, as Aishwarya Rajesh seeks Gurudev’s guidance on achieving a healthy relationship amongst couples in this fast-moving contemporary world. With Gurudev gracefully describing an ideal marriage life, he further throws light on how relationships can have a flourishing experience.

Meditation as the redemption:  The episode also dwells deeper into Aishwarya Rajesh’s personal trait as she opens up to Gurudev on anger management. Following this, Gurudev urges Aishwarya Rajesh to take up meditation as one of the ways to balance her emotions. Gurudev further adds that meditation will play an important role in leading a successful life by making people more intuitive and assertive.

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