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AIUDF will support Congress in Assam: Ajmal

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 From Sudip Sharma Chowdhury

GUWAHATI : Two days before the third phase of Guwahati Assam Assembly elections, AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal once again said the party will support the Congress Chief Minister in Assam. The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) is part of the Congress-led Mahajith or Grand Alliance in Assam. The AIUDF is committed to supporting a Congress chief minister in the state after May 2 (sic). The Congress mahajot government, a coalition of ten parties, will work equally for all regions and communities of Assam without fear or favouritism,” Ajmal said.

This is the first time Ajmal, who has been campaigning on both on-field and social media platforms for Congress, openly announced his support of the Congress manifesto of the five guarantees. The Congress’ Mahajot is guaranteeing the people of Assam to pass an ordinance preventing the implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Assam, creating 5 lakh government jobs, increasing the wages of tea workers to Rs. 365, providing free electricity up to 200 units per family and providing monthly income assistance of Rs. 2000 to all housewives on voting in power.

Ajmal had earlier confirmed the support of the Congress Chief Minister after the completion of the first phase of Assam elections on March 27. In Assam elections, the main opposition Congress has not yet announced the chief ministerial candidate, Ajmal’s announcement breaks a lot of speculations. Mahajot also includes the one-time Congress arch rival Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), former BJP ally, four left-wing parties, regional Ancholic Gana Parishad and Rashtriya Janata Dal besides the AIUDF.

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