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Amit Shah transfers claim amount to the depositors of Sahara Cooperative societies

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New Delhi: Union Home and Cooperative Minister Amit Shah today transferred the claim amount to the depositors of cooperative societies of the Sahara group through the Sahara Refund Portal in New Delhi.

In his address, Mr. Shah said, if the cooperative movement is to be strengthened, then people’s faith in cooperatives will also have to be strengthened. He said, sometimes some incidents happen due to which the faith of the people is shaken but it is the responsibility of the administration to secure and return the deposits of the people.

The Union Minister said, the Narendra Modi government is determined to return the money in the four cooperatives of Sahara to the people. He said, when the Ministry of Cooperation was formed, there were many challenges before it. Mr. Shah said, the government believes in strengthening PACS to APEX in the framework of cooperatives, preparation of timely structure of all cooperative societies from agriculture to fishermen society, bringing changes and bringing the faith in cooperatives. He said, the savings of crores of people in the four co-operative societies of Sahara were almost lost.

Mr. Shah said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes that the rights of every poor person in the country should be protected. He said, it is also the right of the people to get back the money which they have invested. The Cooperation Minister said, the Narendra Modi government is working to provide all the facilities to the poor and middle class people and they should not face any problems. He said, the Ministry of Cooperation has achieved great success in getting back the lost money from the investors in Sahara Societies. Mr Shah said, today, 10 thousand rupees each have been transferred to the investors in their bank accounts. He said, in the coming time, Government will definitely succeed in returning the entire deposits of the investors.

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