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Are they Healers or Killers

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When some senior modern medicine doctors warned me of the dangerous consequences of untested medicines of traditional healers (paramparya vaidyas) I ignored them. Now I realise that such   “traditional healers”  should be renamed killers, for intake of their toxic medicines often prove fatal.

I am a victim of sich a fraud “medical practioner” masquerading as a traditional healer. Claiming to be “Doctor of Humanities” from some private institution this quack flaunts multiple certifications from unheard institutions and impress even the educated. In fact this quack could even befool an experienced journalist like me. This quack,  during a chance encounter convinced me to permantly cure my three dacade old Asthma in three months with his specially prepared concoction.

I took his costly medicines regularly for over a year and now I am critically ill due to drug induced liver injury. These toxic medicines have also badly damaged my other vital organs like the digestive system and lungs.

I should have heeded to the warning of the medical experts against such quacks  who defraud innocents in the name of traditional medicines. Many of us have faith in our traditional knowledge and these money hungry quacks take undvantage of our weakness to “pickpocket” the victims in a bigway.

The quack from a hill district, in Kerala, who “treated” me had emptied my pocket terribly, as cost of the medicines.

Even after taking the medicines for over a year there was no visible relief for me and when I asked about this he tride to dodge my concern. As a science student, from his talks I could make out that this quack bosting of over 60 years of” medical” experience has no understanding of the human body and also about traditional healing.  So I stopped taking his medicines.

A few weeks back when I consulted a proper medical doctor for my poor health condition he suggested a detailed clinical examination of my blood.

The results of the tests confirmed that my liver and digestive system were under threat.

I do not take liquor or any other intoxocation. I dont take junk food or oilly substance. I generally dont take extra spicy or fatty food. So the doctors  who treat me confirmed that the toxins that affected me could only be from the medicines prepared and prescribed by the quack. Chemical analysis reveled that the spurious drugs- powder, sindhooram, lehyam, bhasmam etc contained many harmful metals like mercury, led and other toxic materials that could potentially damage vital internal organs, skin and bone.

I have been an in- patient in a reputed multi speciality hospital for over a month now and  specialists including a liver transplant surgeon are attending me. I guess , the doctors are pondering surgery to save me.

The Supreme Court and Kerala High Court in two seperate vedicts had asked the goverments to take penal actions against those without proper registration to practice as vaidyas, traditional healers or un registered medical doctors. If the court orders are  implemented in letter and spirit many lives could have been saved.

My request to all is beware of these quacks freely flourishing and masquerading as vaidyas,  climing cure for any illness including cancer. The quack in question has been boasting of “successfully” treating any gynecology and infertility issues.

 They are in fact human hunters masqurading as traditional vaidyas.  Please never ever consider them as traditional healers or vaidyas. There are many YouTube videos in circulation promoting such quacks and their spurious drugs that can endanger your life. The YouTubers get paid by the quacks and poor victims  who get trapped by such fake propaganda will end up in graveyards, draining their pockets.

(Narration of a Victim)

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