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Aristobrat redefine’s Men’s apparel with an intimate twist – ‘It’s for Him, but liked by Her’

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Bengaluru: Aristobrat, a leading apparel brand in men’s slow fashion, has launched a new collection of boxers that redefines conventional apparel and celebrates the intimacy shared between couples. This new Boxer collection surpasses the ordinary, showcasing sleek design, comfort, and sensuality while also igniting irresistible sparks of desire in one’s partner. With a bold motto, ‘It’s for Him, but liked by Her,’ the brand is set to redefine the very essence of modern masculinity and intimate fashion.

Boxer have become monotonous, with an abundance of designs featuring checks or polka dots that lack widespread appeal. With the modern gentleman in mind, Aristobrat’s boxer collection is designed to raise the wearer’s confidence and emphasize their innate masculinity, making a bold statement of style and attraction.  Whether worn as a foundation for daily attire or showcased as a statement piece, Aristobrat’s boxers are more than just inner garments; they are expressions of individuality, radiating the essence of suave appeal and magnetic charm.

Speaking of the launch, Mr. Karan Singh, Director and CEO, Aristobrat, says, “Traditionally, men’s clothing has been overlooked. As we launch our latest boxer collection, we’re not just redefining men’s wear; we’re reimagining moments of intimacy. It’s not just about what he wears; it’s about the experience it creates for both. Aristobrat’s boxers offer versatility, designed to be worn indoors while also providing comfort for lounging. This timeless design distinguishes them from others in the market. These boxers are suitable for sleeping, leisurely afternoons, or simply slipping into after a long day and ditching your trousers. Our aim at Aristobrat is to evoke admiration, spark connection, and redefine comfort, allowing love to speak in the quiet moments of lounging.”

Aristobrat’s carefully curated collection includes a range of impeccably designed items such as sport-luxury polos, formal shirts, occasion shirts, trousers, all-purpose pants, and their signature Tjamas™️- a true crossover between pants & pajamas, each crafted to serve as a cornerstone in every man’s wardrobe. The affordable luxury brand takes pride in the fact that they never have dead stocks, actively selling all the inventory they generate. This conscious business practice aligns with the brand’s ethos of promoting mindful consumption, reducing waste, and contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

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