Assam Police recruitment scam: multi-crore transacted- SP, brother of C S arrested

From Bhupen Goswami

SP Kumar Sanjay Krishna Assam and aother officer

GUWAHATI : Kumar Sanjit Krishna, Superintendent of Police and the brother of the Chief Secretary of the state were arrested on Thursday night in the Scandal of Assam Police Recruitment Exam .Krishna is the top official working in the Assam government who has been arrested in connection with the scam. After this scam, the whole of Assam is burning; people are raising their fingers to surround the BJP government. This has given the issue to the opposition parties just six months before the Assam Assembly elections.Krishna’s brother Kumar Sanjay Krishna serves as the Chief Secretary of the state. A senior official said that Sanjit Krishna was arrested by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) after conducting a medical examination.

 Earlier, he was being questioned for the last few days, Marathon. “He has been produced in court today and we are taking him into custody,” the official said.He said that Krishna Purava reached the state police headquarters in Ulubari area around 11 am and was questioned for several hours by the top officials of Assam Police. He said that he was feared absconding on Wednesday. The senior officer said that around 6 pm CID officers took him to his headquarters, which is located just 200 meters from the Assam Police headquarters in the same area, after which he was subjected to medical examination on Monday and Tuesday. He was questioned for several hours.The officer said that Krishna was the Superintendent of Police in Karimganj district where the question paper was allegedly leaked at his behest at his residence in the presence of other accused. Some of these accused have already been arrested. Krishna’s official residence at Karimganj was investigated on Sunday and Tuesday while his private residence in Guwahati was searched on Wednesday.Assam Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that if his brother did something wrong, the law would do its job based on the evidence. It is very interesting to say that a senior official of the credible source of the CID said that the culprits being caught have named ministers and leaders of a BJP government. The officer said that the scam involved transactions of crores of rupees, of the BJP government. Two ministers – MLAs were also involved in the scam.Two ministers, four MLAs and many other leaders have been named, but so far no permission has been received from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Government of Assam to interrogate them.

A reliable source of CID said that questioning the involvement of the scam Several police officers have been arrested. But this has left big political leaders, what can be more ironic? Two minister-MLAs of the BJP government were also involved in the scam in crores of rupees transactions.But many questions are being raised internally on the police for not getting the government’s permission. However, last year, Sarbananda Sonowal’s BJP-led government was shocked in a major recruitment scam, allegedly by the panchayat and rural development of Assam. Took place in the department.While the Panchayat and Rural Development Department had conducted a written examination to fill a large number of posts in its various offices across the state, during the examination, allegations of large-scale irregularities, including question paper leaks and use of mobile phones, were made by the candidates. Were. More than this, there was a big scam for the appointment of permanent posts in the Information and Public Relations Department of Assam. Any government appointment of this BJP government is being repeatedly scammed. At that time, the government did not bother to pay attention to the allegations. It has given the issue to the opposition parties six months before the Assam Assembly elections.

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