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Assam the first state to set up rent authority

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 From Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: Assam became the first state in India to implement the Tenancy Act after the state assembly passed the Assam Tenancy Bill, 2021. The 126-member Assam Assembly promulgated a Tenancy Act with the objective of setting up a rent authority to regulate market-driven rent of the premises, protecting the interests of both landlords and tenants. Housing and Urban Development Minister Ashok Singhal said Assam became the first state in India to implement the Model Tenancy Act. Sharing the information, Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Ashok Singhal said the Assam Tenancy Act aims to protect the rights of landlords and tenants. Minister Singhal said the Assam government will set up a regulatory authority to provide speedy resolution of disputes under the Act.

Mr Singhal said that under the leadership of Himanta Biswa Sarma, Assam became the first state in India to implement the Tenancy Act, 2021.The Government said the Assam Tenancy Act, 2021 will provide a quick decision making mechanism for resolving related disputes and cases. There will be no artificial limit in fixing the rent of a complex. Minister Ashok Singhal said that the rent of a building will operate in the market and will be determined by mutual agreement between tenants and landlords, an act that will simplify and speed up the process of redressal of disputes between tenants and landlords. The BJP has termed it as a historic piece of law.

 In Assam, opposition parties, especially the Congress and the All India United Democratic Front, have elected to “study the clauses in detail” before reacting. However, people have taken to social media expressing concern about the law being tilted in favour of landlords, although there are provisions not to evict the landlord in writing by the tenant except by cutting the necessary supplies in the occupied premises and continuing the tenancy agreement unless otherwise agreed in writing by both sides.

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