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Association of Direct Selling Entities of India (ADSEI) says Industry safeguarded by rules & regulations

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Mumbai : Association of Direct Selling Entities of India (ADSEI), an apex industry representing body has reaffirmed the industry members commitment to the rules and regulations laid down by the government with respect to the direct selling industry in the country.

As per industry estimates, the direct selling industry in India is providing enormous opportunities for women empowerment and growth of MSME sector. The sector has also been instrumental in providing employment to nearly 12.2 crore people, who lost their jobs during the pandemic-impacted period. It not only provides livelihood to many Indians, but also helps bridge the gender divide and provides skilling opportunities to millions of women and youth.

Shri Hem Pande, Secretary of ADSEI and former Secretary of the Union Ministry of Food Distribution and Consumer Affairs, said, “Direct selling companies continue to play a key role in enabling empowerment of millions and making them financially independent, which is crucial to the Government of India’s vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat. Despite economic setbacks during the pandemic the direct selling has grown exponentially creating economic opportunities for the large Indian population in the tier 2 and 3 towns as well. There are strict guidelines and a regulatory framework within which all industry members operate to maintain transparency and compliance. The industry and its stakeholders continue to put their faith in the Indian law and abide by it. We believe in the industry’s resilience and its ability to show strength in the face of adversity.”

To enable transparency and safety, the direct selling industry has now switched to the use of technology to conduct digital transactions. This has aligned the industry with the government’s vision of creating a Digital India and bring in much-needed clarity in the way businesses are conducted in India. This has also enabled better quality check with the products and a centralized platform of engagement with customers and distributors.

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