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AutoMos – India’s first Mosquito Control Dispenser by HiCare

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Mumbai: Come monsoons and be ready to welcome the mosquitos. India has seen a doubling of dengue cases, which is an area of concern for the country. Vector-borne diseases account for over 17 percent of all infectious diseases and are leading to higher health concerns both indoors and outdoors.HiCare, India’s leading Pest Solutions brand, has launched India’s only mosquito repellent auto dispenser – AutoMos.

With increasing dengue cases, we would like to take the opportunity to make people aware that mosquitoes can be conveniently controlled without worrying about closed windows. HiCare’s automatic mosquito repellent dispenser can protect your family from Dengue, Malaria, Zika & Chikungunya spreaders for just Rs 5/- per day. Now, with HiCare’s AutoMos Mosquito Dispenser, keep your windows open 24/7 and still be secured from the disease-causing mosquitoes. AutoMos Mosquito Control Dispenser can not only protect you from mosquitos but also can help you get rid of pesky house flies. A single refill provides 90 days of hassle-free experience while being 100% safe for kids, elderly people, and pets.

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