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Bamboo products of Dewas district now reach abroad

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Bhopal:  All the districts of Madhya Pradesh are moving fast in the direction of Local for Vocal under the “One District-One Product” scheme included in the roadmap of Atma-nirbhar Madhya Pradesh. In every district, work is being done to give national and international recognition to locally produced materials and special crops produced and to increase employment opportunities. In this sequence, bamboo production has been selected in Dewas district. The products made from bamboo in the district are reaching not only in Dewas but also in the country and abroad. Not only is the district getting a distinct identity from bamboo products, the local people are also getting employment.

Unique innovation

In the Navratri festival, the Dewas district administration made a unique innovation in the “One District – One Product” scheme. Prasad was distributed in bamboo boxes to the devotees who came to visit the famous and historical Maa Chamunda temple, which was appreciated with open heart by the devotees. Now the practice of using bamboo boxes on Mata ki Tekri is increasing rapidly. Other products made from bamboo are being used in household as well as cosmetics. Employment is also increasing due to good demand in the market.

Artizen Company located near Jamgod on Bhopal Road is making various bamboo products. The company’s CEO Shri Devopam Mukherjee says that not only India, but the world’s first Process Engineering Debu Board was established three years ago in Dewas. The best product among timber wood is Debu Katanga bamboo, which is a species of bamboo found mainly in Madhya Pradesh. For this reason, the company has set up its main centre in Dewas. Bamboo grower farmers are also benefitting from the bamboo products being prepared here. The company is doing bamboo work in other states including Madhya Pradesh. On the initiative of the district administration, the company got an order for making bamboo packets for distribution of Prasad during Navratri, which has been highly appreciated. Now the company is preparing Katanga bamboo seedlings and making them available to those farmers who want to increase their income by taking interest in bamboo cultivation. Bamboo cultivation requires less water and less investment.

These products are getting ready

Local Katanga bamboo is currently being used to produce major products including living room, bedroom, dining room and bathroom furniture, kitchen products, flash and panel doors, colour options. The furniture prepared here is also being exported to many countries apart from India. After the preparation of the material, finally biodiesel is also being made from the remaining bamboo waste. Local women tell that they are getting 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month by doing furniture work including bamboo cans through modern machines.

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